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Scared of laparoscopy


Im 25 and used yo suffer from pelvic pain when i was about 20 its been alot better for the last 3 yrs or sobut has come back quite badly.

Iv had a transvaginal scan today and nothing was found.

I think the nxt thing is a lap but im terrified im not good with pain at all and iv never been put to sleep before an the thought terrifies me.

Can any1 talk me through what its like feom start to finish please. I need some reasurance 🙈 xxx

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Oh gosh hunny you and me are in the same boat! Well.. I was terrified of having the lap done until i spoke to these lovely ladies! Please feel free to click on my account and read my posts,. I've asked like a billion questions, and they've all been answered! Now feeling more confident about it happening next Tuesday! Xx


Hi lovey, don't be scared, it's not that bad, and keep in mind what it's for, to grtting answers and hopefully some releif,

It's so quick, one minute your being wheeled down to surgery and the next your waking up, it's abit painfull afterwards for a few days but, nothing like I thought it would be,

Good luck xxx



you are going to be fine honestly I had first laparoscopy 5 Weeks ago and got diagnosed with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis.

I was terrified new had any surgery before so no anethetic and I have a big needle phobia.

I was a nervous wreck when I got to the hospital literally I had a high pulse was so stressed out.

They were amazing they put some numbing cream on my hand before putting iv in for me.

I was crying when I got taken in to room to have the anesthetic and they really calmed me said it would be so quick they are literally putting anethetic in your iv and next thing you will remember will be coming round in recovery and feeling a bit confused at first to where you are and then you remember where you and you will be so relieved it is all over. You will be a bit in pain but they will give you plenty of pain relief and you will just feel really tired and need to rest.

Honestly you will be fine I hadn't found this site prior so I had no idea what to expect from it and it was the fear of unknown that made me so worried.

If I can go through it honestly you can too x


Thank u very much glad u know what's going on x


Thankyou so so much girls i keep telling myself it will just go away again but i know seep down i do need to get it sorted.

Do you feel really groggy afterwards?

Is the pain bad? Xxxx


You are welcome.

I know where you are coming from with that I think you want so bad for it to just go because it's scary to think about what you will have to go through with the laparoscopy.

Hand on heart it was no where as near as bad as I thought.

You will feel groggy when you come round and it takes a little while for it clear probably a few hours.

The first day as in day of laparoscopy you won't feel a much as you would have had pain relief in you iv before you come round.

You feel quite weak, I found 2nd day hurt more, tummy muscles ache like I'd done 100 sit ups and you will feel more of the soreness round the incisions.

As long as you take the pain medication regularly you shouldn't get to the place where it's really bad if that makes sense , I would say for first 4 days you will need the painkillers they give you maybe longer it depends what they find and what they do.

I hope this helps a but I know you are anxious that's normal but you will be OK. You have to remember why you are having the laparoscopy and put it in perspective

Sending hugs xx


Thankyou so so much for taking the time to reply to me/

Does the froggy feeling just feel like a hangover?

Im such a baby 🙈 xxx


Yes have you had to much to drink and woke up and thought where am I that's how I would describe coming round then you remember where you are and you will slowly wake up like you know when the alarm goes off and you hit snooze and drift back it sleep you keep trying to wake and eventually you will . I didn't find that bit horrible apparently I kept waking up and asking my partner if he had Lunch I did it about 8 times and had no recollection off it. You honestly won't know much about the anesthetic xx


Ha ha i defo can relate to that 🙊

Was the pain in your shoulder bad xxx


That's all its like honestly. It was a painful when I first felt it but I took peppermint tea and drank that and that helped a lot so definately stock up on peppermint tea before hand x


Mummy1982 thanku so muc.

Goodnight and sweet dreams xxxxx


That's alright you are welcome, that's what we are all on here for to help each other out.

Sleep well and don't worry x


You aren't a baby. You are young I class myself as young a 32 and it's a big thing to deal with so don't think you are a baby x


I'd suggest firstly you mention your worries/concerns at your pre operative assessment appointment. I have had a lot of general anaesthetics because of the nature of my disability/medical condition.

The anaesthetist will speak to you before your procedure, you might even meet one at your pre op appointment. If you're really that scared tell the pre op nurse or the anaesthetist, if you meet them. They can make sure a pre-med is prescribed. A good tip is to also ask for anaesthetic cream, EMNA cream to be applied to your hand(s) before they fit you with a cannula. It's supposed to reduce bruising, but it does mean it won't be as painful!

You might be able to use to have anaesthetic gas or the injectable form. Don't panic if it takes time to drift off! I tend to just talk and talk til I go under!

I hope this helps.

Best of luck!


In not really scared of needles so not too bad with the canula its more the groggy feeling when i wake up. How long does that last?

Im also worried about thepain from the lap itself. Xxx


This varies so it's difficult to answer. A nurse will be with you until you are well enough to go back to the ward - you might drop off to sleep again but that's fine.


Thanku so much for all your help. The reasurance myt helpe sleep a little better tonyt my head feels so busy xxx


Hi Natalie, I had a laprascopy to remove ovaries and fallopians on Friday 17th. It was booked for 1st April and cancelled, I had worked myself up for 5 weeks not knowing what to expect from a first operation. I can honestly say I don't know what I was worried about all that time! You shouldn't worry one bit, the surgeon spoke to me first and then the anethetis, I had a long wait to go down to the theatre area. They all know people are scared and make it as calm and peaceful for you as they can. I was given some painkiller to bring home the same night but made me ill so have just been taking ibuprofen and paracetomal, not very often now. Don't put it off, you need to find what is causing you pain.Good luck.



Thanku sarah i just feel terrified of how i will feel when i wake up.

I feel even more terrified if not wakin up at all or not falling aslp an being secretly awake for tge whole thing. All silly things i know. I think its just the unknown your mind runs away with you doesnt it xxx


Yes it does run away with you totally when you've never been put under. I asked all those questions myself. They put a mask on my face and asked me to breath in deep breaths and carried on asking me questions, like how old were my kids. I was then out cold, when I came round someone was saying my name and I shouted out I was going to be sick again! one of the team told me I hadn't been sick at all and that I'd had an injection to stop it, I then realised I was awake. They wheeled me on the ward and I was desperate for a drink, my mouth was sooo dry and then I was offered tea and toast. It is definately the not knowing that is scary, just take deep breaths to keep yourself calm. It will all be ok, they are there to look after you.xx


Forgot to say I asked my surgeon about being awake without them knowing through the op and he told me he had never known a surgeon or been in that situation ever! X


Speacock36 that defo makes me feel better i think i just need to bite the bullet an get on with it.

Im also terrified of how the pain will feel after it. Iv read the shoulder pain can make u feel like u cant breath. Xxx


My shoulder pain didn't start till the day After, and it was a dull ache that came and went away. The more you move and walk about the sooner it will pass with burping or farting(apologies). The only pain I have is my belly button which is a tugging when I stand up or bend too far, the other 2 small incisions are not noticeable at all, and internally I feel nothing. I'm scared having a filling and I'm not being brave. Chin up .xx


Thanku speacock36

You lot make it sound like a walk in the park. Im guna c about going private tomorro as i get cover in wotk xxx


It's no walk in the park, but it's not something to be scared of if it can give you an outcome for your pain. Good luck with it all.x


Hi Natalie,

You will be absolutely fine, and don't worry about being nervous!

Here is my experience, from October last year, your experience will be a little different I have no doubt, but to give you an idea of what to expect.

You will have a pre-op chat with a nurse who will go through simple questions to get an idea of your health etc. These lovely people are very informed so ask all the questions you can think of!

You will probably get asked not to eat/drink for about 12 hours before the surgery.

On the day you will most likely me asked to arrive in the morning, and will meet with the anesthetist at some point before surgery, who will administer the general and keep an eye on you throughout the surgery. Your surgeon will also come by to do some checking in.

They will get you to change into a gown and some very fetching stockings to help blood circulation, and the a nurse will come to collect you when they are ready for you. They will put you on a gerny, asking you questions, and keeping you calm whilst the anesthetist works some magic to put you to sleep, they will ask you to count back from 10, and you will be out before you finish.

When you wake up you may be a little disoriented, and a lovely nurse will be with you, keeping a close eye on you, giving you sips of water, checking your stats and so forth. You may have a very dry throat, totally normal. Once they are happy you are awake, they will take you back to the ward. I did not feel pain when I first came out of the sleep, just disoriented.

They keep an eye on your bladder function after an operation, to make sure everything is working as it should, your surgeon will come around to talk you through what they found, and once they are happy you can go home. They may send you home with some painkillers.

You will need someone to help you, for the first few days let someone pamper you, bring you peppermint tea, and try to stay still as much as possible. You will be sore. After a week you will be mostly back to normal, but try not to lift anything or do anything strenuous for at least 2 weeks!

Best of luck,



Thanku so much for explaining your story to me.

Can i just ask in terms of being sore how sore do we mean? Is it like agony or just a little uncomfortable? Xxx


Hi Natalie,

It is not agonising, but a little more than just uncomfortable. As long as you take care not to push yourself, if you keep in mind you are healing both inside and out, you should be just fine.

Peppermint tea is a great help as it will aid in dispersing any of the gas left inside (when you are having a lap, they use gas to 'blow you up' so they can see what they are doing, sometimes it can cause discomfort afterwards if any has found its way above your diaphragm). Pain killers taken regularly will also help. Soft and loose clothing is good. I made myself a little den in the living room, blankets, books etc, and only moved if I needed the bathroom, and I was mostly free of the lap pain after 4/5 days.

I hope this helps.



I would only add that after having 6 laparoscopies (the last one being major surgery lasting almost 7 hours) it will help dispel the gas in you naturally and quickly if you walk around a bit. I'm not talking a marathon and I didn't after my last surgery as I had a catheter and drip in overnight due to the extent of the op. But after my previous diagnostic laps and treatment laps which only took about 2 hrs I was up and walking around with the support of my lovely hubby probably 8 hours after surgery. I would just get up every couple of hours and wander slowly round the house holding onto his shoulders in case I felt a bit dizzy from the anaesthetic. It helps with the gas pain and another tip that works believe it or not is that we'd stop walking for a bit for my hubby to rub my back - basically burp me like a baby. I would let out a little a burp and with each burp it eased the gas pain😝. The downside was it made us both laugh and laughing hurt a bit lol! But seriously moving around a bit is recommended and also reduces the risk of post-operative DVT.

Best wishes, Jo


Ok thankyou confusedanworried can you give me any info aboutwhat the pain after the lap feels like please? Can you compare it yo any pain? Xxx


Hi Natalie, I can honestly say my 1st 5 laps were not that bad. In fact I had a tonsillectomy when I was 18 and that was much worse! I would probably say it feels like you've been kicked in the stomach.

The gas pain and pain from constipation makes it worse so if you can keep on top of these your recovery will go a lot smoother. Have some lactulose in the house but bear in mind it can take 2-3 days to work so don't let the constipation build up.

After each of my laps I was back at work after a week but I don't do anything physical, just desk work. Sometimes you get a brief stabbing in your belly button the odd time after surgery though I think I got this more as I've had several surgeries now.

The pain isn't severe and doesn't last long - my endo pain hurts more!

I am currently just over 4 weeks post op from major surgery which included a hysterectomy as well due to Adenomyosis. This one hasn't been so easy due to post op infection and some other issues post op - I just got unlucky I guess. Had I not had issues post op I would have been discharged from hospital after one night and been fine to walk myself out to the car. That being said once the post op issues were resolved which took a few days I was discharged, showering and going for 5 minute walks with hubby. I am building myself up and currently up to a whole 15 mins walking a day lol!! I think I would have been doing more by now but was set back further by an infection. I tire easily at the moment but I'm told that's normal for the surgery I've had. I find it frustrating though as pre surgery even with the pain from adeno and endo I walked 2 hrs a day (we have a dog!) and now feel wiped out after 15mins!

It's important to find the balance really between resting and doing things as both will aid your recovery.

I know it's difficult not to worry but the human body is far more resilient then we give it credit for.

I have to say I used to hate the thought of the canular in my hand and use to ask for the cream others talked about. By my 4th lap surgery I think I became immune and it didn't bother me! It's over so quickly in that they put it in (sharp scratch) then almost immediately start pumping in the knock out drugs and you're asleep! When you wake up you have pain killers already in you and the anaesthetic is still in you so you don't tend to feel the canular in your hand when you wake up either.

I hope this helps and please feel free to ask any questions.

Best wishes, X


I have made my first step today iv booked an appointment with the private gyne.

Does anyone know aprox how long to recover?

Iv got a holiday booked in july an was wondering if u get the lap really soon do u thibk il be well enough to go? Xxx


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