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It’s back

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So tomorrow I’d be 9weeks post op from my laparoscopy.. and today the pain has hit me again.

It’s been on and off for about two weeks now, but bearable or my pain killers take it away completely.

Today it’s just awful. Currently laid in bed with hot water bottle, partner was massaging my back until he fell asleep!!

He had to help me to the bathroom before 🙁

I had hoped I’d get longer than 9 weeks relief. Or even if it was just improved!!!

Still no period and on day 73.. op was on cd 11. Fed up 🙄😢

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I’m so sorry you’re having such a hard time!! My aunt had the same thing happen to her after her endometriosis removal. But, she is doing much better now. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

Do your best to be gentle with yourself. Glad you have a supportive partner x

My Op was 13th September and I've only just started feeling a little more normal. Could it be ovulation pain? I've been floored this week by it, prior to the op it wasn't this bad. I've had it now for two days with really intense back pain.

I've had two periods which were worse than before the op and again floored me however I take comfort from the fact a lot of people say it does get better!

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LexiiH17 in reply to Mswa

Hey my op was the same date!

I don’t think it’s ovulation, as I don’t ovulate! And it’s been so long since having a period I doubt it!

Barely slept. Spent most of my night in a ball on the bathroom floor

Awwww hun. Just reading this now sorry your in so much pain big hugs.. You've got your appointment today haven't you? Mention it hopefully she'll help bless you hun. This is, all you need on top of everything. You know where I am. 💗💗🤗😘

Yes Hun appointment this afternoon. Fear I may just walk in and cry!!!

Also had a nail in my tyre so flat tyre today! Rush little one off to school, walking in agony!!! Late for meeting at work! It’s just one of those days!

😣 awwww hun. Have a breather nice warm drink and try think things will get better. I'm sending you a massive hug. 💗🤗😘 hope your appointment goes well if you feel like walkin in and crying just do it. Bless ya.💗🤗😘

Lol I don’t think I will have much choice! Hold it together until 330!!

Awww hunny are you at work now? Xx

Yep!! Doing a health and safety induction! Yawwwn

Ohh God. You there all the way through xx

Yep! Here until 3!

Bless ya. You are a true soldier I take my hat off to you. Let me know how your appointment goes best of luck hun. Get that break and warm drink when you can. Lots of love 💗💗🤗😘

I’ve managed to have a cuppa!!! Taking a break for lunch soon, so going to go lie down on the sofa in one of our counselling rooms lol

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