Bleeding on birth control


I've had endo for about 16 years. I've been off-and-on birth control, had the menopause shots at 16, 7 surgeries, and I feel like I am nowhere all these years later. 

Lately, for about 3-5 months (maybe longer, I don't remember anymore), I have been bleeding even though I'm on birth control. It's super random and will last from a day or two to a week. Has anyone else experienced this?? I'm getting super frustrated because when I go to the doctor I feel unheard. 

I've been gaining weight like crazy, nose bleeds, etc. Brought this up to my reg doc and was basically told I'm fat, lazy and eat too much (I eat around 1400 calories a day).

If anyone else experiencing these symptoms, please let me know. If you have any insight, please let me know. I can't stand feeling alone anymore. 

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I had bleeding when on the pill which was also worse after sex. Led to diagnosis. This could be a sign your Endo has got worse again, ask to be referred to an Endo specialist at a bsge centre. As for the weight gain - this makes Endo worse increasing circulating oestrogen. I'd highly recommend weight watchers app, I found it really easy to use and helped me a lot.

Hi. I bleed off and on all the time on my pill and it can really get me down. I don't have any insight I'm afraid it appears at random. I'm currently writing a diary of symptoms ready to take to the dr. I am also overweight and trying to lose! Would like to come off the pill eventually as I have had hormonal acne (my skin is worse at 30 than it ever was at 13!). It's a nightmare. 

Hi. I'm the same. I get almost constant bleeding on the pill. As if endo isnt already exhausting enough! I'm lucky in that my GP is very understanding, I think there may be some personal experience from what she's alluded to, which helps greatly. I've tried everything to stop it and nothing works, but I have to stay on it or it'll be horrific. 

Can you see another GP, or see your consultant again?  Good luck x

Hi, i feel so mad that you're not being listened to.

I had my 2nd lap last june and we are trying different pills to see what works best. Microgynon didnt control my endo and made me pile weight on (i try to stick to 1500 calories a day, exercise regularly and eat healthy).

I tried cerazette next which was a disaster.Bled every 2 weeks from 2 to 10 days with no consistency so now im on jasmin. Im due my break soon so not sure yet how a period will be but its controlled my breakout bleeds.

Id suggest if you can see a different GP and try a different pill.

Is there a chance the nosebleeds could be stress related? 

Oh its also worth checking out if there is an endo specialist hospital near won'tlet me paste the link but google endo specialist hospital. My treatment has definitely been better this time around and a year later on still going back every 3 to 6 months for progress and follow ups with a view to more surgery later this year (i get married in october and ruining a half marathon September so im not doing it before then). 

Its worth checking out.

Hi - where has your endo been found at each of your surgeries and are you being seen in obs/gyn? 

Relieved and frustrated to hear your story- I have bled like crazy on every form of pill- all before being diagnosed with endo. Didn't matter if it was the usual combination pill, straight estrogen, super low dose estrogen or straight progesterone- it would start out spotting then like someone turned on a faucet- up to 60-90 days. I don't think I would have ever stopped bleeding if not for quitting the pill! Doesn't seem to ever do anything good for me. I swear I am allergic to birth control- and the fact that everyone wants to prescribe it to 'solve' horrible cramps, which I still have no relief from the pain... ugh. 

Thank you everyone for the replies!! I appreciate the responses and I'm so glad I'm not alone!! I have tried many different birth controls, as many of you have, and each one will cause me to bleed for months, or lead to heavy bleeding, etc. Unfortunately, I think applebird is right and my endo is back. I just had a surgery in September, but then again I had two last year. 

The weight gain is from an autoimmune disorder of my thyroid. I guess when you have endo, you're increased chances of having an auto immune disorder is way higher-I am just discovering this as I'm on the brink of 30. 

I appreciate the different names of birth controls and what to possibly not try. My Ob/gyn thinks it's a good idea to do the menopause shots again. I'll pass, I feel crazy enough as it is. As for a primary care doc, I am currently looking for a new one who doesn't think women lie every time they open their mouths. 

I'm also thinking of definitely getting a second opinion. I am in the US in a state called Michigan, and I feel there's nothing here. I have already gone to a big hospital but that was for pelvic floor dysfunction, so it may be time for another try. 

Thank you again to everyone for their input and advice, it does help. Also, Lindle, yes each time I've had the surgery they've found endo. Which leads me to think, how many surgeries is enough before just giving up? I've had the endo wrapped around my tubes and cutting off the tubes, wrapped around my ovaries, even wrapped around my ureter cutting it off. It's been wrapped around my intestines, had tunnels leading through my stomach with it. It just sucks. 

Best of luck to everyone here!! Maybe one day, they'll find a cure for us!!

I was the same bleeding a bit now and then spoke to my doctor and changed pill to a combined sort and no more bleeding

I had regular periods but they suggested at my gyne appt to take my pill back to back to see if it would help with the pain.  Now I get bleeding regularly,especially after sex and the pain is just as bad if not worse.

You're definitely not alone,Hope you find a Dr who can help xx

Thanks for your replies ladies. I have tried numerous bc and I hate the side effects. How is it fair that we didn't ask for this stupid disease yet we have to suffer? 

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