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In two minds mirena coil success stories??


I have posted on here a few times and find all your help and support invaluable!! a month a go i had an emergency lap for a ruptured cyst. Today i had my first gynae app i was pretty much told that i need to either have a mirena fitted or a hysterectomy but at the age of 30 although i am very lucky to have two children he is reluctant to do the latter. So my only option is to try the mirena. At the moment i will try anything to get my life back!! So has anyone had any success with this?? (the gynae was quite open that the first 3 months can be difficult) also has anyone had theirs fitted at the gp what was the experience like?? I have agreed for now but looking for more info before i actually have the app i will bw having a scan in the meantime too in case they have missed anything

Thank you in advance xx

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I had the mirena coil put in during a lap a month ago. At every single appointment before this I was completely against it when it was suggested to me. All I saw online were horror stories and the people I knew with one had bad experiences. The gynae surgeon persuaded me to get it on the morning of my op but I was not 100% happy with this and couldnt stop thinking about the possible pain and side effects. However Ive had mine for weeks now and everything is fine so far, I forget I even have it! It's early days but I don't regret getting it. My situation is different because I was asleep when it was fitted and I understand Ive not had mine long, but like you I wasn't given another option. All I'd say is make your own decision as it is your body and if you don't get on with it you know you tried and can take it out :) take care


Hello - Yes I've had the Mirena fitted and for me it was one of the best decisions I've made. I had mine fitted under general anaesthetic as it was done during my diagnostic lap so I don't know what it's like to be fitted at your GP's although a friend of mine says it's similar to a smear test. The only thing I would say that is although I don't have periods my endo pain is still bad. I have severe endometriosis but I've recently had excision surgery so hoping that will help with the pain once things have settled. I would definitely say give the mirena a try at the end of the day if it's not for you it can be taken out. Good luck x


Hi, I too have had good experience with the Mirena. I've had inserted without anaesthetic and it's pretty painful, although only on the day. My previous ones were under GA, which is easier.

I have been told that it is good to get it done by someone who does a lot of them. It requires special training as it can be quite tricky. So check with your GP, but mine referred me on to family planning.

It did give me cramps for the first few months, but once it settled, it gave me my life back.


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