Positive stories of Mirena Coil?

I was wondering if there are any ladies out there that can share any positive experiences of the minera coil? I am due to have one fitted during surgery but having read all the posts about it on here I am starting to wonder if it is a good idea. I don't suffer from heavy periods and although i have excruciating pain for a couple of days twice a month I'm wondering now what would be the benefit for me? I have just had to stop taking cerazette pill as I was a mess emotionally and confused if the coil will have the same affect. I will obviously ask my consultant about this before surgery but just looking for some positive stories or experiences.

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I've tried both Cerazette and the coil and the side effects for me were very different. On Cerazette I really struggled emotionally and felt awful. On the coil I've had minimal side effects but a lot of spotting bleeding throughout the month. I'm six months in and it hasn't settled yet. It's staring to get me down x

Thanks for replying and sorry to hear that. It's helpful to hear of everyone's experiences on here but its also hard as everyone's experiences are individual to them too. My friends and relatives keep telling me to get off this blog as I am becoming more and more obsessed about everything and whereas before i just accepted the coil suggestion now i am doubting if its right for me. This was only because of 2 months of thinking I was loosing my sanity on cerazette, I am now worried about hormones which obviously do not agree with me. I have not used a contraceptive pill for at least 10 years and was so used to knowing my body so well with regard to my cycle and moods and symptoms etc and never even knew i had endo. Now I'm facing surgery for a disease i never knew I had and which does not really present me with any problems apart from extreme pain but i have coped thus far with it. The only reason i am going ahead with this is to unstick everything and have my tubes tested in the hope i can still have kids but at age 40 with no partner those chances are slim anyway.....I have also been told they may take one tube away in surgery....so tired of thinking about it....i can totally empathize with how it is getting you down.

Six months seems a long time for you to feel it has not settled yet for you. Have you had another follow up? x

My review is next month so I'll mention it to my specialist nurse then. I'm wondering whether to just give it a bit more time as I've already coped with the spotting for a while so a few more months wouldn't hurt. I would give the coil a try because if you struggle with any side effects you can ask for it to be removed. Good luck x

Plesse don't give up hope of children - my friend just had her first at age 45. Xxx

Morning, I had the mirena coil fitted after trying just about every pill out there and having terrible reactions to all. I have to say the time that I had the coil fitted was great. Hormonally and physically I felt the best I had done in a long time. My periods stopped immediately and I didn't bleed or spot for the entire time it was in. The only thing to be mindful of is infection. I unfortunately developed an infection which then spread up into the coil and left me with a bad case of PID. I didn't acknowledge the symptoms and it had to be removed as a result but for the 18 months that I had it, I felt great and had I been allowed, would have had it again. Good luck with your upcoming surgery x

Thank you for taking the time to reply. Your response has made me feel better and i appreciate the advice re potential infections. x

Hi, I had the coil fitted during my laparoscopy around 18 months ago - my endo symptoms are starting to return gradually now, but for over a year I felt SO much better than I have done in years and had no periods. I don't regret having it at all. Every person reacts differently to hormone treatments, but as the hormones are local, it may suit you better than cerazette. I hope everything goes well for you. X

Thank you, I feel so much better reading your response and feel much more positive about it all. x

All I can say is it saved my life !!!!! I had really heavy periods excruciating pain every month and horrendous pmt I was a mess for 3 weeks a month everyone commented on it I was a ticking timebomb the only thing that gave me any relief was when I was pregnant !!! I couldn't be pregnant for the rest of my life so my doctor recommend the mirena it was the best thing ever it took about 3 months to settle and for me to notice the benefits but I had no period pains no pet and apart from the odd day when there was spotting no bleeding 😁 that was 5years ago . I had been sterilized so it wasn't for contraception . I then started getting pain low down on my left side I was referred to a great consultant who diagnosed endometriosis and endosalpingios I had my tubes removed and some of the endo I still have some endo but is on the bowel wall so he couldn't remove it at the time . He asked if I wanted the coil removing and honestly I said remove my legs first 😆 so he replaced it with a new mirena and I'm still having no symptoms and I can keep it for up to 7 years I'm 46 now so hopefully it will see me through the menopause . Give it a try I know it doesn't work for everybody but it's worth a shot good luck and I hope it works for you I consider it my best friend 😁

Thanks for taking the time to reply and making me laugh with your leg removal comment. I'm going to give it a go, thank you x

Hi! I has the coil fitted in 2013 and it has been fantastic for me. I have severe endometriosis (stage 4), but didn't have the horrific symptoms some people have with that level of endometriosis. I now get no periods at all (took a few months to settle) and no pain. I occasionally get twinges, but that is all. I know I am very lucky, though, as it's not everyone's experience. Xxx

Thanks for your reply, your experience is just like mine and i hope that continues after i have it fitted. x

I had quite a good experience with mine to be truthful at first I was maybe a bit emotional but that settled. I had had a period for 16 months that wouldn't stop and they tried everything and as a result I became severely anaemic and almost ended up having a blood transfusion. They told me they were out of options and that the coil was the only one left open to me. I was awake when the inserted it and I personally found that horrific so I'm glad they will be doing that when your asleep. My period stopped after a week and part from the occasional spotting I had about three periods in a year. I wasn't anaemic anymore and felt so much better. I had a bit of trouble about three years in with pain and then it settled and the same right at the end. The only think I found frustrating was the fact that after it was taken out it took 11 months to get my body back to normal and start having periods regularly again. I don't know if that's any help but I hope it is xxx

Thanks for your reply:) Yes I too am happy that i will be in surgery for the insertion. My sister had the coil before she was pregnant and she also found it traumatic. Thanks for mentioning the time it took your body to return to normal after it came out, that is something i need to think about to and hadn't thought to ask so thanks, you have been a great help x

hi, just wanted to ask how you're getting on with the coil, im due to have mine during my laparoscopy on 25th may. I too am nervous due to the horror stories ive read. xx

Hi....well all I can say is I have had no problems whatsoever following my surgery and with the coil. I had a salpingectomy, cystectomy and diathermy to another cyst they were unable to remove and I have never felt better:) I know your nervous about the lap and your question was specifically about the coil but just wanted to let you know that with quite a bit of work I have been great and hope that you are too. With regard to the coil....after surgery I had what I am calling "old school period pain" and what I mean by that was it was a cramping pain low down in my uterus that reminded me of when i used to get period pain as a teenager before I went on the pill (a long long time ago!) and before the real pains started. I chose not to take any painkillers for it as i was trying to assess my pain without them post surgery to see really if the surgery had worked. I have had two periods now since surgery but I would barely even call them that. Just a really light bleed for a couple of days with no cramping whatsoever this month. So.....try not to worry and good luck:)

Thank you, its great you're feeling so much better, fingers crossed I'll be the same x

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