What's everyone's experience with naproxen , it worked for the first couple of days now it doesn't even touch the pains and I have 2 months until I see my specialist again

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  • It worked on me for a week or so then I realised I was deathly allergic to it! Naproxen is not my friend! You can see your GP and ask for pain relief if you can't hold out until you see your specialist x

  • They gave me co codamol but they made me sick

  • Can you go back to your GP and ask for antisickness to take with the cocodamol - something like ondansetron which are tablets you can take at home?

  • I will give it a go , my doctors useless he ignored a blood test when I wasn't well and said he just over looked it , the next appointment I can get is 5 weeks as it's not an urgent matter ๐Ÿ˜‘

  • My GP prescribed cyclizine for anti-sickness. Swallow it quick because it tastes absolutely vile and it starts to dissolve instantly, but it helped me a lot.

  • It's hit and miss for me really, what I have learnt is that you have to take it hours in advance for it to actually work and take all the pain away. But obviously you don't know when you are going to start, so what i do is start taking it a couple is days before I start which isn't good to keep doing that ๐Ÿ˜’ x

  • I do exactly the same! Unfortunately, naproxen has stopped working for me, I'm now on tramadol + paracetamol but it's not touching my pain either And it makes me feel soooooo dizzy! I'm going to try the over the counter cocodamol next!

  • Yeah I think naproxen is starting to not work for me either now! Maybe you should go GP and ask them to prescribe you something stronger?

  • Naproxen is pants ! I just want to be able to lie in bed comfortably because my lower back and abdomen is killing me. Just bought a memory foam mattress to help ๐Ÿ˜‘

  • They gave me surgery level cocodamol 30/500 they made me feel so ill i gave up on them and the naproxen isn't working at all so just have standard paracetamol and that's not helping at all

  • sometimes ibuprofen 400 + paracetamol 1g is a more efficacious combination - always eat with it!

  • I was told not to take ibuprofen ๐Ÿค”

  • really? why not? i take it almost daily

  • My gyne just said not too x

  • If you take naproxen, you can't take ibuprofen as they are both NSAID but if you don't take naproxen, you can definitely take ibuprofen! if he was worried about side effects, naproxen is worse than ibuprofen. you can definitely 150% take up to 400mg ibuprofen + 1g paracetamol (2tablets) - this given that you are 'otherwise' healthy

  • They think I could have thyroid problems aswell

  • better check w GP then but if you can take naproxen, you sld be able to take ibuprofen, just not together. Let us know what he says, I'd like to know ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  • Will speak to my doctor tomorrow and will let you know x

  • My GP told me that naproxen is just a stronger form of ibuprofen.. That's why u have to take omeprazole with it to protect stomach. Best combo I've found is 400mg ibuprofen with 500-1000mg paracetamol, but it doesn't quite cover the full period between doses. Unfortunately prophylacticly works best but can't be good for long term health!

  • Sorry to hear your pain killers are not working for you. I've been on mefenamic acid (ponstan) for years. It doesn't fully kill the pain so I have to use ibuprofen with it but you can't take them together as they are both anti-inflammatories. I then use co-codamol the surgery strength as a last rest when my pain is in full swing during my cycle. The co-codamol knocks it on its head.

    With mefenamic acid you have to build it up even before you feel pain. That's how it really works. Doctors say sometimes it's hard to get hold of and not in stock but that's not true. I always use a hot water bottle and also used to use ibuprofen gel on my stomach. That works really well because it's on the site of pain. I can't use it anymore though because long term use it things the skin and started making my skin really red and sore with too much use. I think also best from the hot water bottle didn't help that either.

    Hope there are some things there to help you out. If co-codamol makes you smile CK you could ask for motilium. It's good for nausea. One thing to remember about co-codamol though I'd that it makes you constipated. It's best to use it for only intense unbearable pain because constipation does not allow the excess eostrogen to leave your system which can make endometriosis symptoms worse in the long while. You can try eating some fibre to counteract this too tho.

    Hope this helps. Take care.

  • Thank you ! X

  • Just be careful with ibuprofen and naproxen. I was taking them religiously for years prior to my diagnosis because I was dealing with chronic pain and I ended up with a stomach ulcer. Always make sure something is in your belly when you take them, even if it's an apple or a piece of toast. They're really hard on the stomach lining.

  • I have over the counter solpadine max soluble it is caffeine, Codine and paracetamol. It doesn't get rid of the pain fully and only lasts roughly 2 hours. But it relieves my pain enough to get out of bed for a little bit and the caffeine gives me the energy, rather then it making me want to sleep! I also have prescription oromorph as a back up but try to only use it on extremely bad days.

  • Exactly I get really bad pains whilst I'm at work and I don't want to take any tablets at work but I need them and the naproxen was supposed to help the pain but now I'm cuddling a hot water bottle and on the paracetamol to try and ease the pain a bit x

  • I think go and see your GP so they can help a little at least x

  • I have RA and I was prescribed naproxen before that for sciatica. It's always worked like a dream and then of course you get all the warnings, so I spoke to my GP about it and she said the least you can get away with. They can give a stomach protector omneprazole that you can take before the naproxen to protect. I have also used co codamol again it works but causes hellish constipation. Its the simple things that have worked for me like Panadol advance (Red) I have no idea how long they will work but better than the toxic drugs they want to prescribe, my friend is on tramadol that works for her, my Dad has neuropathic pain and nothing has worked. I hope you get sorted and find some pain relief, I have resorted to meditation as well and that really helps relax my body and believe me I need it. Good luck

  • In short, it did not touch my pain before I started getting treated.

  • I had naproxen and it used to work for my unfortunately it doesn't work anymore I'm currently on Zapain and others which also don't seem to be touching the sides. If your taking Naproxen be careful as I was told taking it for too long increases risk of stomach ulcers etc. I would definitely go back to your GP insist it's urgent as it's not fair for you to suffer everyday hope you feel better soon xx

  • Thank you ! I didn't know it can cause ulcers I'm going to see if I can get an urgent appointment tomorrow even if it's with the nurse xx

  • I was told if I took it for too long it could increase the chances! Have you been given a stomach liner to take with it? Yes definitely I've had to do that before but when you need to be seen get yourself in and if need be they can call a doctor xxx

  • No they haven't given me a stomach liner I will ask about it tomorrow thank you !!!

  • Make sure you insist they help you no one should have to suffer in pain and should be given medication that will hopefully ease the pain. When I take Naproxen I have to take Omeprazole with it 1 tablet a day to line the stomach to help prevent ulcers etc xx

  • Just saw this bit further down in the thread.... learn from my mistake. Don't give yourself a stomach ulcer. They are NO fun! ๐Ÿ˜

  • Try to take a 30/500mg tablet and a 8/500 mg( which u can buy over the counter)as two 30/500 could b to strong for you( and give u terrible constipation) . Naproxen im not sure about really, i take them but i cant make out if they help me or not?

    A good old hot water bottle does though..... and when i am actually having my period i take tranexamic acid to stop heaviness that helps alot!!! And a little brandy in hot water as it stops cramps

  • They prescribed something for when I come on that reduces the period and makes it lighter ? However I've not had a period in two months yet I get all the agony like I'm due to come on haha if I don't laugh I think I would cry and cocodamols in general make me feel gippy so I try to avoid them as much as possible. Hot water bottles have been my saviour for the last couple of days with cramps and back pain and peppermint tea stops my stomach going mental why is it so complicated ๐Ÿ˜• xx

  • I was told by my gyne that Naproxen and ibuprofen are basically the same drug. He gave me endone after surgery but it wasn't doing much and just making me feel drugged out, so I tried naproxen that I had left over. I only had 3 tablets left so asked my Gyne to proscribe me more and he said 'just take ibuprofen it's basically the same.' My Gyne is expensive and sort after so I expect that what he said was good advice.

  • I tried naproxen for a bit a while ago and it stopped working. I was put on toradol shortly after with statex morghine 5mg and the combo worked well. Once the the NSAIDS or similar drugs (diclofenac, toradol, naproxen) stopped working I had to resort to a combo with a mild opiate. I am definitely more comfortable and able to function better as I'm not constantly thinking about the pain

    All the best xx

  • I was given 250mg Naproxen before my lap, and then they upped them to the 500mg ones afterwards. I could tell you if they actually did anything as I took paracetamol and had hot water bottles too. My doc eventually put me onto Mefenamic acid tablets which did help but they affected my blood pressure tabs so I had to stop. Now I'm just working it out with a combo of over the counter stuff. Good luck....hope you get sorted.

  • I couldn't take Naproxen without reflux or severe pain in my back even with stomach protectors like Lansoprazol and the benefits were not enough to justify.

    Solpadol 50/500 is just about working for me. If I delay and take 2 at midnight it lasts until 4 which is better than no sleep. Then prune juice all morning to counter the effects. I have stopped going into the office and work at home to cope and juggle the effects of various painkillers and to be near a loo. I appreciate that's not an option for lots of people and I cannot imagine the difficulties if I had to commute into London each day as I did in younger years.

    I really feel for you. It's a daily struggle just trying to cope and manage the pain.

  • Hi there, Naproxine, is actually the one thing that has saved me, it helps my pelvic pain alot and any headaches I get along with pains. I tend not to use normal ibuprophen because I use the extra strength stuff that lasts for 12 hours, and it makes such a difference during the night. Maybe see if you can get the 12 hour lasting ones, you might find they may hit your pain better? What sort of symptoms do you suffer from if you don't mind me asking? xx

  • I was on naproxen, it gave me stomach imflammation and I got really sick, not being able to consume anything. Would avoid completely. Try zapain, this is codeine and paracetamol. Relieves the pain but over consumption you become immune and has less affect.

  • Did you manage to see the doctor xx

  • Yep they couldn't give me anything apparently ๐Ÿ˜‘ said that he could only give me cocodamol but I said I have some but they make me sick and he said just make sure you eat and I said I did but it still made me feel sick and he said well I can't give you anything else x

  • How ridiculous frustrates me so much when they are like that, it's your body safe to say you know what does and doesn't work/sit right. There is always something they can offer to try and help I'm on my 5th different type of pain relief in the short space of3 weeks unfortunately it's not right and I learnt the hard way but now I'm different it's the people who shout the loudest that get heard the most keep going back keep pushing and they will help you xx

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