I have had a sever pain flare and ended up at the urgent care centre yesterday. whilst unable to give me any painkillers stronger than my Tramadol the Dr did question why I had no anti-inflammatories and gave me a shot of diclofenac which lifted quite a bit of pain. He has sent me away with a Naproxen 500mg twice daily and instructions to take painkillers every day even if I feel OK as it is better to do that than take them when pain hits. I took one last night and one today and it has really reduced the heavy pressure feeling I usually have. So here are the questions

- is Naproxen something people take long term?

- has anyone had side effects (I know the list on the leaflet is scary long

- if I keep taking them will I need to up the dose as my body gets used to them?

I am seeing my GP on Monday, earliest available slot, and will talk it over with her as well as changing my pill as this latest one seems to have made my symptoms worse.


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I can't live without my naproxen

You shouldn't have any medication long term etc but when you need it you need it

I don't have any side effects that I know of

I have problems with all ibuprofen related products as it messes with my ulcers. I can't take tylonal based stuff because I have a severe allergy to it. I have found that if I take several tablets of small dosage ibuprofen, it works better then one large dosage tablet on my stomach. I also have to take them with antacid and food to help protect my stomach. My dr. told me to take it every day too, but it messed up my stomach when I did that.

I would suggest just doing your research. My doctor recently refused to give me some I specifically asked for that my consultant gave me (I think it was diclofenac b

ut I honestly can't be sure) as it had been linked to heart problems. From years of taking anti inflammatory tablets I do get horrendous pain if I take tablets without my stomach settler prescription tsblets, omeprazole. I cannot bear aspirin or ibruphen (sorry can never spell that!) sometimes I get pain even if ve not had tablets just an empty stomach. I would suggest asking for these tablets to protect your stomach as the pain I get is very bad. I didn't know the risks when I started I was just relieved someone was actually giving me something. Just to add my consultant suggested instead of taking two anti inflammatory tablets take just one and a paracetamol she said people don't realise how effective that can be as they presume paracetamol is weak but together they work well. x


After my lap I was prescribed naproxen for pain relief as I was in a lot of pain and cocodemol made me too drowsy to do anything. I found it a much better alternative. I only take it now when I'm in particular pain and it does take the edge off.

I don't like taking tablets so have not followed my gp's advice to take them all the time. So I put up with a certain amount of pain.

Hope that helps



So far so good on this regime. whilst not normal I feel so much better than I have in ages. I am taking the Naproxen with breakfast and tea and taking Peppermint Oil at the same time to hopefully help my stomach. I have moved down today from the Tramadol 100mg to two CoCodamol 15mg codeine 500mg paracetamol with the Naproxen. If this seems OK then I will see if I can drop to one of these morning and evening as I know the paracetamol is hard on the system as well. Plus I'd like to take as little as possible regularly for fear of addiction.

- is Naproxen something people take long term?

Yes. People with arthritis and other painful conditions take it long term.

On a side note, the reason it is better to take it constantly is because it works on reducing prostaglandins which are implicated in the pain we experience. If these levels are already high it would take longer for the painkiller to work - this is why women who do not experience constant pain are advised to take the NSAID meds such as mefenamic acid or naproxen a few days before their period (or ovulation) with the hopes of preventing the pain rather than waiting for the pain to become bad.

- has anyone had side effects (I know the list on the leaflet is scary long

For me, it causes water retention. I gain around 5 lbs or more, which comes off rapidly via urinating when I stop taking it! I find that quite annoying, but I'm guessing it might not be a typical reaction.

One side effect you need to bear in mind is stomach issues - my doctor advised they must be taken with food, and so to take them after breakfast and after my evening meal.

- if I keep taking them will I need to up the dose as my body gets used to them?

No. I believe the maximum dose is not far off 1000mg, so there's not much room for manoeuvre upwards. I have found if the pain gets worse I have to add other pain relief to the naproxen. For example, codeine or co-codamol or paracetamol can be added. You can't add other NSAIDs such as ibuprofen or mefenamic acid.

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