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The start of the year

hi guys!

on the 11th february i was lying in bed like any other night when i got the worst pain i have ever experianced in my lower abdomen. thinking it was just gas i went and sat on the toilet thinking this would help (TMI I know) it didn't help at all if anything it made it more painful. so i decided right im going to have to go back to bed, i remeber walking across the hallway at a snails pace balling my eyes out in so much pain. i got into bed and my partner at the time went and woke my mam up becuase something wasnt right , she came upstairs and hugged me and said its just wind see how you are tomorrow and if its any worse we will go to the walk in centre.

I didnt sleep that night at all and the next day i was still in agony but of i went to work (id only just started my new job two weeks ago) i was supposed to be taking part in a moving and handling class but i couldnt move thats when the health and safety trainer made me sit down and explain my pain automatically thought it was my appendix so he rang an ambulance. my mam was rang and she would meet us there , so of i go in the ambulance with a co worker ive known about a week and im rambling about how sorry i was for pulling her out of work ! the paramedic wanted to give me morphine but i hated needles so i refused. apparently my temperature was sky high as was my heartbeat. so anyway we get to the hospital and im wheeled into a room and they want a blood test so basically i have one woman trying to distract me whilst i ball my eyes out and another nurse is "taking a blood test " she was actually sticking a cannular in my arm. after this fiaassco they put me in a bay for a doctor to asses me. At this point my mam turns up and she relieves my co-worker so she can go back to work. I wasn't allowed any water or food and i couldn't sleep but i was given a glamorous hospital gown, 4 hours of being in that bay in pain i finally see a doctor who gives me a pregnancy test to see if i can have an xray it obviously comes back negative so of i go for the xray then back to the bay i went.

About an hour later they wheel me up to SAU (surgery assessment unit) where the nurses hook me up to an IV because im dehydrated and then they give me liquid morphene as they were shocked id had no pain killers at all and could clearly see i was in agony. I finally look around the ward i'm in and it contains six beds all of them apart from my own was filled with elderly women. my mam had to go home soon after as visiting hours had finished so i was in hospital alone. that night i saw a doctor he pressed my stomach and then squeezed my back and asked me on a scale of 10 how bad the pain was and i said 9 because the morphine was helping a bit but i was still in agony. He then left and i was supposed to get some sleep. I didn't the morphine had made me paranoid so i was wide awake thinking the nurses thought i was faking it , this went on for two days doctors poking and prodding but no answers , on the third morning i was unexpectedly sent for an ultrasound , Id not had a drink so obviously they couldn't get a clear picture that's when they said they needed to do an internal ultrasound. This was honestly the worst thing at the time id ever experienced , i was alone and i know i had no choice because they needed to see what was going on. they said i didn't have kidney stones but they could see fluid. that was all i was told. i was then sent for an xray where i was asked if i was pregnant and at this point id had enough of being poked and prodded and being asked if i was pregnant every doctor or nurse i saw were always asking they even did a blood pregnancy test and three urine tests in a day and id had enough so they took me back to my bed.That evening i saw a gynecologist who gave me an internal (he pressed against the walls inside me ) and could tell it was causing me pain and he then said it could be a cyst on my ovary or it could be a burst ovary they werent sure. That night i was moved to a ward.

the next morning i saw another gynecologist who said that they were sending me for a lower body scan (it looks like a massive polo) to see if they could see what was going on. so off i went and honestly that wasnt bad all i had to do was lie still. a couple of hours later the same gyne came back and he said i had a lot of fluid and they didnt know if it was a burst ovary or my appendix and they were going to have to do surgery to see what was going on. Terrified i agreed and i signed the papers and then i rang my mam who was there in about 30 mins. i was so scared but i knew it had to be done. about 2 hours later they put me in a wheelchair and i was being wheeled to surgery , i was a crying mess and my mam was being the strong one she had to be because i was such a mess! the nurse i had was lovely she sat with me whilst i was prepped and while i spoke to the surgeon who explained what he was going to do but i wasn't even listening. the next hing i know i was being wheeled into the typical surgery room , i remember shaking so badly and then crying so i was hyperventilating that they were trying to calm me down and i clearly remember saying no more needles untill im knocked out , thats when they gave me something in my cannular and went this will feel like you have had a few vodkas , i replied with i feel like ive had 40 vodkas then i was knocked out.

coming round from the surgery all i could hear was the surgeon talking to the nurse saying that they had removed the ovary and at that point i remember thinking oh my god no ! next thing i wake up in a private room with my mam and brother there. i had some water then told my mam what id heard , she didn't believe me and went to find out.The nurse clouldnt say untill she had spoken to a doctor. about an hour later a doctor came to check my dressings , stitches and see how i was feeling ( id had laparotomy surgery) turns out id had a cyst burst that was 4.5 cm and caused a lot of internal bleeding and because it had been left so long it had damaged the ovary so they had to remove 1/4 of the ovary however the majority of that ovary would be scar tissue so wouldnt work anymore. The doctors left me to get some food and some sleep. The next day i was discharged. I was in hospital for 5 days.

little did i know this was the beginning of a crappy year.

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