Transvaginal scan normal!!!!!!

After 5 years of pain and getting nowhere I have had a transvaginal ultrasound and been told it was normal therefore 'not likely to be' endometriosis!! All my symptoms point to this and I can't go on as I am....its progressively getting worse !!!

Anybody else had a normal transvagonal scan but then gone on to find they do have endometriosis!!!???

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  • I've had a internal and external ultrasound and ct scan, and colposcopy and nothing's shown up, I've got a laporoscopy on th 21st March, a lap is the only way to diagnose endo, it dosnt show up in ultrasound, so who ever said it can't be endo is very wronge, go back to your Gp and demand to be seen by a endo gyne specialist,

    Good luck

  • Apparently some endo can be found on bowel by transvvaginal scan also endo In the ovaries but not anywhere else push foe a referral to gaeni for more investigations

    Good luck

  • I had a transvaginal ultrasound that was normal, had laparoscopy 3 months later,endo found on womb, bowel and ovaries.lap s the only way to diagnose.

  • Thanks for your replies!!

    This was said by gynae today...waited months for appointment to be told 'everything OK' when clearly it isn't due to the pain etc that I suffer with!!!

  • What are your symptoms please? Xx

  • Excruciating unbearable cramping pain that doesn't respond to painkillers....this starts days before my period. Lower back and thigh pain. Rectal pain and pain opening bowels. Cyclical constipation and diarrhoea. The pain keeps me awake and prevents me doing anything.also get pelvic pains throughout the month. The pain is getting progressively worse.....I always had painful periods for first 10 years but it was manageable....this is not.

  • What do u think???

  • Oh....and also that taking the pill STOPS endo pain therefore as I was still getting pains it couldn't be endo???

  • This is ridiculous! You need a second opinion, my internal scan was also clear and I've had the implant for the past six years which is a treatment option for Endo although still suffer symptoms (been using as contraception) and have still been offered a laparoscopy, sounds like you need a lap! Don't put up with this poor treatment and stand your ground!

  • Nothing showed up on mine either had lap and I had endo and Adenomyosis everywhere. Definately ask for a laparoscopy! Xx

  • Hi - I've put some posts on that might be useful about endo and how to find a specialist. Just click on my user name x

  • Exactly the same happened to me my scan only showed a cyst so my consultant said pains were in my head and I would have to deal with them, she also said she'd give me endometrial ablation but in the letter to my GP said she didn't think this would work!!!!! I've got an appt for a second opinion on the 14th April, push to see a different consultant x

  • Morning ladies im so confused dunno what to do I had a TVS only showed a cyst had an Mri pelvis showed I had a bicorunate uterus . Had a lap last May no endo showed up :( I have all the signs of endo my periods are horrific torture been on depceptyl injections for nearly 5mths. Went for second opinion yesterday he suggested coming off them as their working as I still have lots of pain and should be off painkillers by now with depaceptyl he also suggested a gastro opinion and I can have another lap and hysteroscopy to see if he can find endo my mum sister friends and fello endo sisters are saying go for it. Has this ever happened to anyone??? Im 33 single no kids and terrified even though im a contraception and sexual health nurse im terrified :(

  • I've had multiple ultrasounds that showed other things, but no endo. I also had an MRI that showed nothing of note except a cyst. Two months after the last ultrasound, I had a laparoscopy and was diagnosed with endometriosis.

  • Looks like I'm gonna have to push for lap then as all scans normal

  • I was wondering this too today as my scans seem to be normal which I didn't expect as symptoms so bad etc but now realising it can't even be diagnosed this way! Good luck xx

  • I had a appoint in jan and had TV ultrasound, severe endo in pouch of douglas not spotted untill last week when I had lap to remove my fallopian tubes. They certainly can't say you don't have it- Mine is severe enough for the surgeon to talk about surgery and colostomy bag!

  • I had one and it didn't detect my endo! They were convinced I didn't have endo at all, after a lap, how wrong were they , I di in fact have endo and the excised it , a lap is the only way to definatley diagnose x

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