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Wurn Technique

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Hi. Has anyone tried Wurn Technique by Clear Passage? I see there is now a clinic in London. There was a conversation about it on here in 2015, but I was wondering if anyone had tried it and had success with it??

I understand the cost of treatment is extortionate, but I'm considering borrowing the money. My surgery option comes with so many negative ifs, buts and maybes.


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It seems to be just a branded form of deep abdominal massage. It is possible that it has specific techniques that may be particularly beneficial, but their website bit about developing the therapy doesn't mention how it differs from anything else on offer, which suggests that it doesn't and they just want you to think they are the only alternative to surgery or painkillers.

Most Chinese medicine practitioners that do massage will do abdominal massage, there's also KORE therapy that have practitioners around the north of England and the Academy of Oriental Medicine based near London (I'm not sure if they have a directory of their practitioners).


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