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Laparoscopy - NHS or private?

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I have just been put on the waiting list for a laparoscopy on the NHS at Bham Women's Hospital. Has anyone had a lap recently there? How long did you have yo wait?

I am trying to conceive and I am cautious of time so thinking of going private. Does anyone know a rough cost?

I had a laparoscopy privately 3 years ago which cost £6,000 so trying to understand if this is right or not!


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It varies a lot per hospital and fees for consultants vary too. I would contact the secretary of your preferred consultant (hopefully you're happy with your NHS consultant) to ask them what the cost will be. They will contact the private hospital and get the codes from your consultant and tell you the price. Each hospital is different, so some hospital fees are cheaper than others so bear that in mind. You could ask them to do it at a different hospital x

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Thank you! So you can go privately with the NHS consultants?

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Yes they all work privately - they all have a private secretary. Bear in mind you will be reviewed once only after your op, you wouldn't be reviewed for a year or two like the NHS do at the bsge centres. Good luck x

Hi, I had a private laparoscopy and it did cost me £4600. They removed the chocolate cyst from my ovary as well as some adhesions from elswhere in my pelvis. Hope that helps.

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Ahh ok thank you - where did you have the laparoscopy?

Hello! May I ask what is your waiting time with the NHS?

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I have been told a year but now adding in more appointments so likely will be reduced. I'm unsure as only just got put on the waiting list

Hi, I hope you are well 😀

I have been on the waiting list for over a year and a half for a laparoscopy now! I had my pre op in feb 2020 with the aim of the op going ahead in March 2020 and then covid happened. Hospital has only just started elective surgeries again and when I emailed only last week they told me they are prioritising the operations based on highest priority and that they have no date set for my operation yet! Even though I told them I am in severe pain for most of the month and my condition has got worse, the only advice I got was to get in touch with my GP!

I think every trust will be different up and down the country and I think it will depend on how they are dealing with the back log of covid and get through the waiting list.

I really hope you don’t have to wait too long, my local trust is very small and rural compared to yours, so fingers crossed they might have capacity to reduce waiting times!

Take care

Kim 😀

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Oh wow I'm so sorry you have been waiting so long! I really hope you get your op soon xx

I think I spoke to you on the other thread. Mine was about £4500 and £180 for pre op consultation. My NHS waiting list was for over 1000 people which made my decision to go private xx

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Thank you! The NHS waiting lists are so so long :( Do you mind saying who you went with privately and where? X

I did have a lap privately, but that was because of corporate health insurance. I don’t know what waiting list is like for lap, but I was seen in feb and put on waiting list for hysterectomy. I was told 3-4 months on NHS, and it will be in3 weeks time.

I have just had a lap privately, cost me £6000. A lot of money, but I was facing an NHS waiting list of over 12 months. Consultation and surgery were within 4 weeks... this is Swindon.

I was put on the list 3 weeks ago and having my surgery in a couple of weeks- I asked how long it would be and they put me down for cancellations so I think I've been really lucky

Wow thats really good! What part of the country are you in?

I've decided to go private now as still waiting for my MRI let alone surgery!

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HAnne86 in reply to xrachx9

Also at Bham Women's - they did warn it was a long wait

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xrachx9 in reply to HAnne86

Amazing! Best of luck with it x

I made it to the nhs waiting list in dec 20 and my lap will take place end of july.

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