my mum heard on the radio about a new surgical technique- some kind of deeper surgery to remove root cause of endo- anyone know about this?

Hi girls,

sorry for posting twice in as many minutes. my mum was saying she heard something on the radio about a new technique which goes deeper to remove endo so that it cant grow back. my endo keeps coming back and ive had multiple laps. my symptoms are excruciating at the moment as they only ever provide some temporary relief, and i would dearly love a longer term solution. i know im not alone on this. my question is: has anyone else heard about this and know any more about what this technique might involve or if its only available privately? i want to try and get things sorted out as the chronic pain i suffer from has left me unemployed and is putting strain on my relationship- we are due to get married this year!. thank you in advance for any advice and info :) cheers, lauren x

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  • Are you talking about excision or something deeper than that? I had excision, I know a lot have laser/ablation which can grow back much quicker

    Lauren x

  • hi lilly, ah that could be it! i had laser. did it work for you?x

  • It seems to of yes, I had surgery in May for a look around, then had Prostap for 3 months, then end of July I was booked in for extensive excision of endo, had a 6 hour surgery, I had it literally everywhere.. Bladder, bowel, pouch of Douglas, sacral ligaments, ureters, had a cyst 15cm and tubes tangled, when I came round he said he was confident he had got every last bit. I'm surprised people still use lazer. Guess its just finding a good surgeon xx

  • can u inbox me the details of who u went with? i dont mind if i have to travel or go private. i have insurance thank god, fed up with nhs. and yes i had two laps with laser. both times they found more. ive had no surgery and no treatment except mirena for past 3 1/2 years and my symptoms have been getting steadily worse and worse. ive had to give up work and im getting married so i feel now is the time to take action and regain my life. thank you for sharing ur experience :) and i hope things stay good for u :) xx

  • Hi Lauren - I have sent you a private message as I have undergone this kind of surgery.

    Best wishes

  • Can you tell me more about surgery please

  • Hi Gemx85x. I have sent you a private message. Best wishes. x

  • Thanks Hun I'll let you know when I've received it xx

  • hi stevie, thank u so much :) i will read the message and reply to u :) i just need to find something that works better than the laser ive had twice already. xx

  • Plz can u inbox me as well stevieflp thanks xxxx

  • Hi, I was wondering did you find any info on this ?

    Sorry to hear things are so bad for you :-(

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