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Me Again

Took my first anti depressant yesterday and boy am I feeling it. I know they take a few weeks to settle down but I feel absolutely awful, I think I made a big mistake taking it while I waited for the Cerazette to settle as now I feel like I'm getting it from both sides. I'm so close to just stopping taking it and riding out the Cerazette side effects first to see where I am in 3 months, because even though I've felt depressed a lot for a long time, I feel like this isn't helping and the constant worry of being and feeling too ill to go to work is just as bad. Idk what to do but I'm so close to just packing it in before it's even started, is that bad??

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Hello! I have been on and off antidepressants for years. For me they usually take about 10 - 12 days to kick in and then things become a lot clearer and more manageable. My usual antidepressants make me feel a lot better in general, but the first couple of weeks give me nausea and pretty bad poos! But are definitely worth it once the side effects calm down. I would advise to stick with them, even if its only for a couple of weeks and see how you feel. Im so sorry you are having a rotten time :( Work stress as well is just horrid, I hope you feel better soon! Big hugs xxx


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