Can't cope anymore 😢

Sorry to write such a depressing post but I am feeling so low and don't know how much more I can take. I am yet to be diagnosed as you will all know from my previous posts but the last two weeks have been really bad for me, the pain has been there constantly every day and gets a lot worse throughout the day , come night time I am so uncomfortable I just can't settle. I have been given oramorph to take every four hours during the day but this is drugging me up and I have a 5 year old son to entertain after school until bedtime. My family don't understand the amount of pain I am in or the affect it is having on my life, I guess I look fine so must be fine! I'm fed up of feeling alone in all this and feel like I just can't carry on like this anymore. I have the most understanding partner who really looks after me but I have pushed her away with my moods towards her because I am letting the pain get the better of me and become very depressed. I have a doctors appointment on Thursday to discuss a morphine patch to try and control the pain before it gets too bad, I feel like I have no choice now but to tell the doctor how bad my low mood has become and that I can't carry on this way! I am normally a very strong person who can tolerate pain but it has got so persistent that I have finally had enough! Sorry for the moan, I just feel so alone and not sure what else I can do!


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  • I'm sorry you're having such a tough time. I would definitely tell your GP how badly it has affected your mood, they may be able to send you to counselling - I found it very helpful.

    I can't really offer any advice, just support and an e-hug.

    hope your week gets better x

  • I'm sorry you are feeling like this! I can relate! Just keep pushing to get something formally diagnosed! I was admitted to hospital twice before they took me seriously. The third time I was admitted the Surgeon walked from the general to the Gyne unit to refer me personally! I really do feel your pain and hope things ease for you a little bit!

    Never be afraid to moan! ( I do it all the time!) , I'm fairly new to this endo thing too so if you need a chat just let me know!

    hope you're OK x

  • I haven't been diagnosed either. I'm so fed up waiting. Smears are clear, urine tests and blood tests. Had an ultrasound yesterday which showed a normal sized cyst. I'm in so much pain all of the time. It gets worse just before my period and after it. I had an appointment with my doctor today to be referred to a gynaecologist. She already referred me which is good! So she told me to ring the hospital that I will have the consultation in to see what waiting time I have. My doctor thought about 8 weeks max as my letter said urgent. I rang only to find out that I was downgraded and I won't be seen for at least 6-7 months. I rang my doctor and she isn't pleased so she is sending them another letter to try and get me seen early. I feel so depressed and isolated. I just get the feeling from people that "its just woman problems, get on with it" I have changed my job so I'm moving less. I'm 24 and my wedding is next year and I plan to start a family. I feel so sad about my future. Definitely say to your doctor how your feeling. I did and she is trying her best to help.

  • Thank you for your responses, I just feel like everyone thinks this pain isn't real like it's in my head or I'm just over exaggerating it! I don't want to be in pain, I don't want to be unhappy and unable to enjoy every day life, all I want is to be a good healthy mum and partner! Anyone would think I enjoy being in pain daily, I just wish people could feel how I feel just for one day to see how it is ruling my life x

  • I could have typed that myself! I sometimes get sick of the sound of my own voice saying "I feel so rough"! I've always been someone who just gets on with it without moaning but the constant nature of this is just draining. I sat my son in front of the TV tonight after school because I had absolutely nothing in the tank to give, but I just feel awful about that too as I just want to give him my best.

    Sorry not to be able to be positive for you, but you are not alone. Sending my empathy X

  • I did exactly the same with my son tonight, he did nothing wrong all night and I was still snappy and impatient with him, he must be sick of me saying 'mummy's got tummy ache'!

  • I know how you feel. Don't ever feel like your alone sending big hugs x

  • Sorry to hear you're having such a bad time of it! I'm still waiting for my lap - but I have a date for Dec 21st!! Just hope it isn't cancelled. I couldn't take the pain anymore as I was also on oramoprh so I decided to go back on the depo injection - which I previousaly stopped to see if there was a link between pain and bleeding and there was. Being back on depo has changed my life, so much so I had the implant fitted on Saturday as its the same hormone so I'm hoping these will keep me going until I know what the actual problem is. Are you on anything similar?

  • I was on the prostap injection for four months up until Aug and straight back on to the pill since then, I haven't had a period yet but have been advised to take to pill back to back for three months as when I do have a period they are really bad!

  • I understand fully just keep positive and push the consultants to get the answers you want and if that doesn't work get reffered to someone else for a second opinion, you will get there! I hope they sort your pain soon xx

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