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I had a laparoscopy 3 weeks ago and they found endo on and under my ovaries and on my bowel which has now been removed.

I feel so much since the operation apart from the bloating. I have been gluten free for over a year and dairy light for a few months and now dairy free post op. But it doesn't matter what I eat how much or how little I end up looking pregnant. I am current ovulating and ovaries hurt and feel like I am being stabbed so I don't know if the bloating is worse becomes of ovulation. Does anyone else experience this?? Or have advice?? Please I have attached a picture I'm normally completely flat and also don't weight any more

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I have exactly this same problem. I've had two surgeries but my endo has reoccurred each time. I suffer badly with bloating which I think must be to do with my bowel endo. I'm also gluten free and dairy light. But I seem to have this problem around ovulation and the time of my period. It's a distressing symptom xxx

That's reassuring I've seen pics of "endo belly" but thought because the endo had been ablaited it would settle again. It's not as hard but it's as big. Do you take anything for it. I'm seeing the gp on Friday so may ask for something but recommendedations would be appreciated

I haven't found anything that helps to be honest, it seems to be worse when I've had dairy (I've had yoghurt and it's bad today). I seem to react to more foods that I used to and I wonder if that's to do with my endo on my bowel. It goes down overnight but then by the following evening I'm like a ball of air again! Horrible :( xxx

Literally the exact same. It makes me do upset. I was just talking to my mum and she was like you should just work out- it's not that easy though. And it's definitely bloating related to endo not just cos I'm not toned. I don't weigh any more than I did

I'm not diagnosed yet but the bloating is constant. Really damages my self image... I hate the look of my body 95% of the time because that's how often I am bloated!! Like 6months+ pregnant bloating. Even though the pain started when I was 11 the bloating didn't really kick in until I was 15 and I am 19 and a half now so it's almost 5 years of day in day out bloating. Sometimes I wake up thinking damn I look good today and then the bloating starts and I have to get changed because I'm not comfortable with what I am wearing with such a big belly on show 😂 I don't even need to do anything to trigger it it just happens like a switch that's flickering inside me mostly turned on. I haven't found anything that helps.... I know dairy makes it happen for sure if I wasn't bloated beforehand but I don't have dairy that often and when I do it's usually to help me go for a bm due to bad IBS. Really really hoping I can get the diagnosis I want in October/November when I have my op. I just want to say you are so brave putting a picture up it's inspiring reading some of the posts on here and seeing the picture has really helped me feel a ton less isolated with this situation. Thank you so much! And I hope you find something that helps soon... if you do please let me in on the secret ;)

Yeah the bloating just distroys self image the number of times I say or think "stupid body" or "I hate my body" is mental. I know it's the endo and I know it isn't me I just look down and get so angry I wish I could rip my belly off. I have to go on holiday with my Fiance and his family and I'm just dreading it. A week by the pool should be a dream but it terrifies me. I'm seeing my surgeon for a follow up tomorrow and my favourite gp on Friday so if anything is suggested I will share

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