Help still bloated

Help still bloated

Hello everyone. Wanted to say thank you tog everyone who has responded to my posts, I have read and looked into everything you have said, but nothing seems to quite fit what I have going on. To recap; I have been CONSTANTLY bloated for over 5 weeks. It is in my lower abdomen/pelvic region. I have attached a photo that i found on google that looks EXACTLY like my bloating and in the same exact location (mine may be slightly lower). My stomach gets so swollen, that I feel so uncomfortable after meals. But it is not just when I eat, I could go almost all day and not eat, and still be bloated. It DOES get worse when I eat though. I have already tried taking laxatives, which definitely emptied me out (I was using the bathroom all day) and my waist was TINY yet I was still bloated. I went to the ER about a week after bloating had started, they did a CT scan of my abdomen and pelvis. All they noted was possible ovarian cysts and that one may have ruptured but to correlate with my cycle. I was sent home with pain meds and Dx with ruptured ovarian cysts. I have also went to an OBGYN (which was a new DR that i haven't been too, very unprofessional and did a pelvic exam with out gloves on) and told me i was full of gas and that's why I was bloated and sent me home. I am getting extremely concerned because my bloating is still there, and hasnt improved not even for a day. It has really begun to affect my daily life. I do experience some pain/cramping and pressure in my lower abdomen, kind of similar to period cramps. I have had bouts were I have to apply pressure to empty my bladder.

Health history: I have regular periods. No chance of pregnancy. Negative urine sample for infection. (From ER visit) Normal CBC (from ER visit) I'm a 22 year old female, with Hx of ulcerative colitis and pancreatitis(both of which are under control) On oral contraceptives and have a child.

Any thoughts or guidance would be helpful. Really worrying about this.

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  • Also have been experiencing increased fatigue.

  • I am in the same position as you, I am struggling with this I have been to hospital had scans etc, it does not matter if I eat or not I am constantly bloated and in pain, the medication is doing nothing I feel so frustrated as it really takes its toll on you as it can be very painful, I have tried everything from changing my diet nothing seems to work, I am back at my doctors on Wednesday to find out the latest test results... 😓😓😓

  • Have u had a laparoscopy from a SKILLED SURGEON? U need to exhaust all options.Most docs won't tell u if they aren't experienced enough to treat u. Don't just listen to one. I went thru 15 between urologists and gynos. Check your pill is it higher in estrogen than progesterone? Get your hormones checked being too high in one over the other can stimulate growth of un-diagnised conditions

  • Hi Kay0017,

    I'm sorry, I haven't read your previous posts so apologies if I repeat something that's already been said. Have you had the cysts diagnosed? Are they Endometrioma? I have experienced terrible bloating throughout my journey with endometriosis - I'm skinny, but sometimes can't see my toes! I had surgery last year to remove endo throughout my pelvis, and cystectomy. I was treated with progesterone after the surgery which without doubt made it worse. Since being off the medication I've had a couple of periods, and found that the bloating decreases substantially after my period, and gets slowly worse until the next one. Gas and constipation have been my main symptoms with the endometriosis, and the ONLY way to get a diagnosis is to have an exploratory laproscopy. As my problem still exists even after surgery to remove endo, I am now pushing for a referral to a bowel surgeon who specialises in endometriosis. You need a proper diagnosis to move forward and get this problem sorted out! Definitely get your hormone levels checked too!

  • Hi

    Google adenomyosis

    It is endo in the muscle of the womb so it makes it swell hence making you bloat and you feel pressure in your pelvis and bladder etc

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