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5 weeks pregnant and terrified!


So, a little miracle happened. After a massive roller-coaster of 18 months of TTC, being told both my tubes were blocked and that I don't ovulate. Somehow they have unblocked themselves and we've got pregnant without trying.

I am now terrified that we are going to have complications as literally had consultants appointment a few days before we probably conceived. He told us that an operation to unblock the tubes was best chance but would be a risk of eptopic pregnancy afterwards. So now, not knowing how this little miracle has occurred has made me worried that this may still be the case.

Has anyone had a similar story? Also, did your endo flair up or go away? I've been on a fairly strict diet of GF, dairy free, sugar free etc. I would Love to know if I can eat cheese and pastries again!!! 😂

Thank you for any wisdom.

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Congratulations. I know it’s scary , I remember that test (we had IVF) and I remember all the whatifs.

For me I struggled with bladder related symptoms which they put down to endometriosis adhesions being impacted. But that aside endometriosis wise everything was ok, I was also lucky enough for breastfeeding to keep my periods away for a long time which helped

I wish you all the luck in the world and again congratulations

Thank you for your reply. That's so good to know. Congratulations on your baby. Bet it wasn't an easy journey. I am seeing midwife next week and doctor wants me to get an early scan. So hopefully will be a bit clearer then. 😊

Thank you :) he’s 4 now

I had lots of scans also , first at 6 weeks. I hope all goes ok

My endo symptoms completely disappeared while pregnant so hopefully urs will do the same, i didnt have any extra scans tho but all went smoothly and i had a baby girl in december xx

Ahhh, congratulations on your baby girl. I guess the next few weeks will tell me what I need to know. x

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Hi Rehanat,

Would you say your Endo was worse or better once your period returned after pregnancy? Thanks!

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It wasn’t better so it was same as it was before I got pregnant- painful!!!!

Congrats I went for IVF and got told I couldn’t have it as insides such a mess and needed surgery before any chances of pregnancy. I think I was probably just pregnant when they scanned me there as was due on but didn’t realise till I was 6 weeks as was so upset I couldn’t get pregnant. I went to the early pregnancy unit at 8 weeks as was getting pain. Everyone said no but I believe my endo was causing pains as for about 4 months I got period type pains. I also had other pains which after my c-section they said was my endo on my ligaments holding my womb.

Good luck with it all my miracle is now 7 and is what keeps me going day to day. Best wishes to a healthy pregnancy & beautiful baby.

I really hope I get lucky and have a healthy, full term baby as you did. I'm glad it's just normal to feel worried when it's been a tough journey. You overcame so many obstacles to get your dream by the sounds of it. I will just take each day as it comes and hope I get some peace of mind soon. Thank you for taking the time to reply - it means a lot. :)

Just wanted to update this post as I now have a healthy baby boy. He was born 2.5 weeks early due to complications from pre-eclampsia. I have yet to have my period but expect it soon as I have started to have familiar endo pains again for the last 3 weeks.

Congratulations 😊💙

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