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Exhausted my Options

I was given Cerazete as the last birth control option (as I expressed I didn't want a coil as it's not worked for my sister who is like identical to me and I couldn't handle not being able to change it if it wasn't right given my work situation) and I'm done with it. I'm bleeding incredibly heavily non stop and I'm getting daily migraines. I wanted to stay on it because it's reduced my pain so much, but I honestly don't think I can make it past this stage an I'm worried asking for antidepressants would make it much more than I can handle.

Where do I go from here? Is it worth going back onto Millinette (which worked for me) myself, or asking the doctor next week? I'm just terrified they'll tell me to stick it out til 3 month but I'm losing the will to live and the pain from my head and period is unreal. Is it too much to hope that they'll put me on another pill and antidepressants on the same appointment? I just really need answers from them because I feel so miserable!!

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Hey x

One thing that you could explore is bio identical hormones. They are meant to have less side effects as their molecular structure is identical to what the human body produces. There's been a good amount of research around this but mostly its been on hrt oestrogens for menopausal women.

There is a crinon vaginal gel that is apparently available in UK . I've not been able to convince my surgeon yet so not in a position to recommend it. Like you I struggled with everything so far so ive been investigating and considering going down this route. Be wary of unapproved yam based creams as the body apparently can't absorb sufficient amounts for it to work properly.


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I really really want Cerazette to work, even if I had a period monthly still the decrease in pain is huge, it's just getting past these migraines and getting back to work. I'm paranoid the doctor would want to keep me on it and give me something for the migraines rather than depression!


It sounds like you're sure about what you want so just be really clear and open with your GP. Good luck xxxx

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