Anyone else have up and down moods?

Or is this just me? Not sure if it's an endo thing or not?

For the past year or more I've been getting really low for a few days, maybe every one or two months - now, it seems to nearly all be directed at my boyfriend :/ My GP has given me a low dosage of antidepressants to see if it helps and I've been on them for about a month now....but it's not helped as for the past week I've been really unsure about my relationship and nearly almost dumped my boyfriend.

I can' figure out if A. he's just not right for me and we're using my "hormones" as an excuse? B. I'm just getting hormonal so things about him REALLY bug me to the point where I see no future (as the next day I can be loved up again) C. I have mental health issues?

Please - does anyone know what's wrong with me? How can I go from one minute thinking I want to dump him to the next, being loved up :'( I don't know how much longer I can carry on like this as it's driving me crazy....and him I imagine :(

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I feel exactly the same, very up and down. I've wondered too if it's something to do with endo or possibly the medication I'm currently on (Prostap). It's very difficult to deal with being so up and down. X

Hi, sorry to hear that you're suffering too :( Gosh, I hadn't even thought about that - I don't start mine Prostap until next it may get even worse :'( Did you suffer with this at all before you started the injections? x

Yes, I think I have a tendency to be a bit up and down with my mood anyway, I think it might be at least partly to do with having endo. X

It does make me wonder really. My GP put me on a really low dosage of antidepressants - just wondering if he should change them or I should just come off them as they didn't help? Don't know what to do really! Quite worried about what I'll be like when I start my Prostap on Thursday :(

Give the tablets a while. They might still help, and make sure you talk to your boyfriend, I get very up and down moods and sometimes I could just walk out on my family and go get a 1 bedroom flat, but cone on, who dosnt feel like running away from time to time , with or without endo. Endo just makes our lives harder to live with,

Good luck, no one can tell you how your feeling or if your boyfriend is right for you. Xxx

I get the same I think it's down to the fact that part of endometriosis is hormones which just seem to hate me that alongside long periods of chronic pain can make me lash out at my nearest n dearest I have often likened contraceptives to actually being pregnant I get hormonal and difficult and have crazy mood swings that said I'm not on any now just finishing depo and feel like a crazy lady but unfortunately u don't get the same sympathy and u don't see it's ur hormones at the time just try not to make rash decisions is what I have found try and see if what u want when ur angry u want when ur not and quite often for me that's complete opposites no one can say what best for u just know we are all on a similar roller coaster be it through meds or just the pure distress endo can cause and ur not alone xxx

I literally feel exactly the same!! I often feel very irritated by my boyfriend and then feel loved up. Endo causes your hormones to go a bit crazy so I've always thought that it's probably related to that!

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