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Mirena coil


Hi so I've been to my doctors who doesn't want me to have laprascopy as they think it's to invasive. So she told me to see a contraceptive specialist about having the mirena coil. Now the nurse I saw there told me that this could help with all the pain and symptoms I'm having... Just wondering if anyone else has been given this advice and whether it worked. I'm losing hope on these doctors and nurses. Please help...

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That could help with the pain however without the lap you have no diagnosis and more significantly they have no way of knowing the extent of the problems and further treatment that may be required.

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That's exactly what I thought. Think I'm just gonna have to see my doctor again and ask to see a gyne x

This is the first advise they gave to me which I took, the coil helped with period pain and heavy bleeding but gave me lots of unpleasant side effects. I had it removed this week and found an instant improvement. I no the coil works for some and not others. No I'm stuck because I can't have any other contraception so the next step for me is injections. So bloody annoying why don't they just do the lap... Hope you get on ok xxxx

My gynae advised to have the lap (for diagnosis and treatment) and have the coil put in at the same time to prevent/slow further Endo build up. It didn't work out for me and I had to have it removed but while it was in it did stop my periods so that obviously helps a lot with slowing the build up...

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Well I've phoned my doctors up hoping they might refer me which is what the doctor promised if I didn't like the idea of a coil. Tbh I Dnt like the idea of the coil or Implant but feel like there pressuring me to try those first.

Go back to your doctor and demand a lap if you think it's endo. I was diagnosed July 2014 and had the mirena coil put in to help with the pains. Unfortunately for me it hasn't helped, and only recently since being on the pill as well have my periods stopped and I'm pain free 3/4 of the month. The coil does take 6 months to settle in, but if your still hurting after this ask for the pill as well, I suffered for so long and wish I had asked for it sooner xx

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