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post op

I had my diagnostic laparoscopy and excision of Endometriosis which was found on and around my bowel, around the area of my ovaries and a nodule on my pelvis, I had this done a month ago however I still feel really emotional and short tempered, I was just wondering if this is normal or it it is just me but usually I am so happy but this does not seem to be the case at the moment.

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I think it's normal. It takes a surprisingly long time to get back to normal after surgery, it's such a shock to your body.

Although, do just check you're not pregnant xxx


thank you for your reply, it really was a shock to me.

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Wow they did bowel excision and a diagnostic lapat the same time? I had two separate surgeries for that.

I am mid week three after the bowel op and struggling with fatigue very low mood and anxiety.

These ops do affect you emotionally as well as physically and make you feel vulnerable.


thanks for your reply yeah they did both at the same time which was great, I am sorry to hear that you are struggling.


I'm 2 weeks post lap and hysteroscopy and past couple of days have been hell in terms of my mood - very emotional and low. When I reflect on what's happened though it isn't a surprise given what we've coped with.


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