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Feeling run down on period

Hi all, As well as usual endo pains/ibs etc I've just felt completely run down.

Painful ulcers in my mouth, sinus headaches/ feeling spaced out and tired. Weirdly the skin on left side of my face and chest is so tender (no redness of swelling) it feels fine on the right side?

I thought this was the start of a sinus infection however the sinus pain hasn't increased and I didn't think it was a coincidence my period arrived.

Anyone experienced anything similar?

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I've had the ulcers in my mouth/sinus headaches before. It was pretty bad but I don't remember if it correlated with my period. I believe mine ended up being a virus but I can't remember 100%. Maybe try to see your gp about it if the symptoms don't go away.

I hope you feel better, those pains are the worst :( x


Hey, thanks 😓 I have had this face thing before but I don't remember it being so sensitive. I will go see gp if doesn't clear up, I don't feel Ill just tired so if I went to the walk in I doubt they'd do anything.

Last week I was crippled with pain and cramps just thought maybe it was a reaction to feeling run down x



Just an idea but gave you had your iron and folic acid levels checked?

These can cause some strange symptoms. I had low iron and experienced some of your symptoms but my friend at work had the mouth ulcers etc and low levels were in folic acid. The two minerals can go hand in hand in some cases.

I have managed to increase my iron levels with a change of diet and a supplement called Floradix from Holland and Barratt. This not only helps with iron but the absorption and doesn't constipate.

Anyway worth going to your GP for a full blood count Inc. Iron levels and stores.

Good luck



I had a blood test a couple of months ago and everything was clear, do you think we can occasionally be deficient and obviously depending what we eat resolve the issue without even realising?

It seems like once a moth sore heals another appears, very frustrating. However, we've been on holiday and not stuck to our usual healthy eating.

I will see my gp Monday if i still feel the same, thank you x


I don't get ulcers, but I get sinusitis regularly ( In winter it can seem like every month ). Now diagnosed with endo i put it down to a lowerd immune system. Also every month before period i feel ill ( no energy at all, run down, sickly , often with migraine ) I know I am about to get my period because of these symptoms alone and they are getting worse :(


Yep, I feel for you I am the same 😓 it's like your whole body wants to shut down. Have you had any treatments? It's weird I've always had those 'period headaches' at the time of the month but it seems to upset my sinuses too x


No, I was referred to ENT because they thought it was connected to my ears but they said there was nothing and could be connected to migraine as I go dizzy too . They referred me to Neurologist who prescribed migraine med, but I ended up with a reaction to it . I am going back in 5 weeks, but since the first neuro appointment I was discovered to have Endo ! I knew I had a cyst , it ruptured 18 months ago and since then my symptoms have become worse ! They cyst grew to ten cm and I'm hoping now that is gone, it may reduce them . Hope you get to the bottom of it xx


But yes, that's exactly how I feel, like shut down ! So washed out and no energy, with heavy feeling limbs too :( xx


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