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Bacteria in urine after lap


So i had my lap 17 days ago, nothing was found apart from my blood clots to quick but that not what im worried about... so i had painful urine after and burning nothing major some of the ladies mentioned cystitis relief sachets which i used and it all went away!

On Monday went to dr to have stitches looked at and she said have u been ok i said yes and explained about wee but it had all got better so she said lets send a urine test of just incase.

Well today got call from dr to say yes there is or was bacteria in ur urine heres some antibiotics ( mircrobid) but im severely allergic to most antibiotics so should i take if the symptoms cleared up by themselves???

I thought it prob due to the lap seeing as it started after that? Plus i had period at time of urine test and that when the burning started.

What do u think need some advice as i have never had a bladder/ urine/ uti before can they go on there own?

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I had laparoscopy too and had UTI because there is blood in my urine. My OB prescribed me macrobid and so far it is working well on me. Just tell yourvdoc that you have some allergic reactions to antibiotics.anyways uti never go away on its own it should be treated.

I hope you feel better.


Thanks. Well mine kind of has gone, i drank loads of water and it just disappeared? So im not goin to take antibiotics for no reason as i am severly alergic so it not worth it for me.

Spoke to dr he said sometimes they just go as the bacteria gets flushed through so mayb i was lucky as i do drink ALOT


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