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Dressings after a lap

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I had my lap 2 weeks ago and I bought some dressings from boots as the hospital didn’t give me even nearly enough! I’ve taken them off today and I’m worried that I may be allergic to them as the area is all red and itchy! How long do I have to keep the dressings on for? They didn’t actually tell me a timeframe and when I look at the scars I think I still have my stitches so they’ve not dissolved yet. I’ve not put any new ones on just to let it breathe a bit but can I stop putting them on now it’s been two weeks?

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Hi! I was told by my nurse I didn’t need to wear dressings from the day after I got home from the hospital (48 hours after) she said once I had a shower they could be left off. I chose to put some of my own on at times when my clothes were rubbing on the wounds but left them off for the majority of the time. My skin has also been red and itcht, particularly the bottom of my tummy which has no incision, so it could just be that your skin is irritated?

As for your stitches, mine fell off about 3 weeks after my op and they are completely healed now (coming up to 4 weeks)

If you have any doubts just give your Dr a call and ask if they can look at them for you! Hope you’re feeling better soon xx

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EllaB3 in reply to Kitkat2020

Thank you for that! I didn’t realise you only needed to wear them for a few days! Definitely going to leave the dressing off and let it heal on its own! I really appreciate your input! Xx

I was only told to wear my dressings for 2 days, hun they will never heal if you don't let air get to the wound to help it heal xx

Also they didn't put dissolvable stitches in mine even though they told me they did I needed to have my stitches removed 5 days after hun, otherwise the wound will heal with the stitches left in and it can get infected xx

Omg thank you for telling me!!! I wasnt told any of this!! I am definitely going to keep the dressing off now and let it heal on its own! The area is really red and itchy so I’m thinking I’ve overdone it with the whole dressing thing but hopefully it wont take too long to finish healing now! Xx

No worries i wasn't told any of it myself beautiful im just lucky I have a medical mind but for people who don't it can be so scary and you don't know who to call and ask these questions to. Feel free to message me if you have any other questions and I will try my best to answer them for you darling, take care and please rest up xxx

Thank you so much for that message! You made my day! Likewise to you, even if you feel like a friendly chat or rant, always here to listen xxx

Hey, I was sent home with only a bandage on one wound (below naval) as it was still bleeding a little bit. I chose to continue wearing bandages so I didn't accidentally knock it. This was day 11, literally the day before I had no irritated skin, I think I just left it on for that one day too long (I changed them every day).I have been using arnica (Neals Yard Remedies) and it helped soothe the itching. I also left bandages off during the day and kept my top rolled up when sat/laid so air could get to it. I would only put bandages over my naval at night.

Post keyhole laparoscopy wounds on abdomen with red irritated skin in place of bandages
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Just to note: my wound pulled open so I had to continue wearing bandages (I felt more comfortable with them on too, especially with two young children). But of course air is good!

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EllaB3 in reply to Hunter-23

Oh that’s good to hear thank you for that. I’ve been putting sudacrem on the rash that I’ve developed but not the actual wound for obvious reasons! I agree I feel a lot more comfortable with having some sort of dressing just to act like a barrier if nothing else! It’s been v itchy today but seems to be easing off so I definitely think the air has helped! X

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Hunter-23 in reply to EllaB3

Yes, I didn't put the arnica on the wounds until after they had healed over! Just around for now. I'm 3 weeks post op and they are barely visible, almost just look like stretch marks which blend in anyway

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EllaB3 in reply to Hunter-23

Yes! I’m just over two weeks post op and pain is completely gone so just a waiting game for it to finish fully healing. I’m really glad to hear you’ve healed well x

Hi, I just had a laparoscopy on Saturday. I was told to wait two days then take them off and put new ones on she gave me. She said these would last the rest of the week and they were waterproof. Then after a week there was no need to cover them. Perhaps give them a call to double check? They just ask for them to be covered to reduce infection chance and so the stitches don’t get caught. Hope you are okay x

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EllaB3 in reply to Loveheart6

Hey! Yea I was told the same thing!! It is very sore today so I think I might be allergic to the dressings, debating calling 111 as it feels like

It’s burning, hot to touch and very itchy! Cx

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Loveheart6 in reply to EllaB3

Yes best to get checked out and then you can get something on it to calm it down x x

I was advised no more than a week and had them off on day 7. It does depend though, a couple of mine were quite large and had temporary stitch stickers on top which I was told not to touch and to leave until they came off themselves.

Try not to worry too much about the redness, I remember a nurse saying it is a reaction to the plasters which probably means you are allergic and hopefully it’ll subside now if you don’t wear the dressings. If not definitely call the hospital and let the nurses know just in case it’s more to do with the incisions than the dressings. I hope recovery goes well!x

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EllaB3 in reply to MMich15

Thank you for your message! Yes I defo have a reaction which isn’t fun but what can you do! Quite interesting actually as I’ve never been allergic to anything before I find it fascinating how that can change!xxx

After being discharged from your lap you need to book a followup GP appointment with a nurse within 5-7 days so they can see how your incisions healing there shouldn't really be any plasters or dressing covering them as you need the air to dry it quicker. The nurse will use a alcohol wipe to clean the incisions area and see if it's healing well. After the go ahead you can have showers using non perfumed (Simple Zero brand is good for post surgery) shower gel to have a wash but no hot baths.

Great thank you! I’ll definitely give that a go! X

Hi! I was told to keep mine for a week and they actually lasted as long even with all the showers. Took them off 7 days after the operation but still had stitches for a few weeks, in fact it’s nearly three weeks and some of the ends haven’t fallen off yet

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