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Need hospital with post op viral meningitis

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Sorry for the wingy post but I am feeling a bit sorry for myself. Although my excision op was successful last Tuesday I developed a stiff neck and started vomiting. Ended up being transfer to a neural consultant at the NNN main hospital with suspect meningitis.

They tried 2 lumbar punctures but the doctor caught a nerve. Put me in agony beyond anything else. Managed to agree to an x ray precision one late yesterday i cried all of the way there on a the trolley like a a baby it went better and the pain subsided quicker . predictably ruled out the bad meningitis it is just a virus so stopped antibiotics. But am just so demoralised.

My neck hurts, eyes hurt, brain hurts, head hurts, back hurts, 4 porthole wounds hurt i feel nausea and vomiting really really hurts.

I am in my red stockings and back on the tummy jabs again now. Am cuddling a bucket with a saline drip and a heat blanket ony head to try to stop the neck stiffness.

Have had better days. 😭😭😭😭😭

5 Replies
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Oh no! That's terrible. Lots of good wishes for a speedy recovery. Sounds like it has to get better from this point on.

Poor you, last thing you need is additional treatment and stay at the hospital.

On the positive side, your main operation is a success! Hope you will be discharged soon and you can rest properly at home.

Take care.


Omg !! That sounds horrendous !!! You poor thing, it doesn't put faith in you with the doctors etc ! Sending you cyber hugs and I hope you make a speedy recovery! Xx

Bloody hell thats an awful and unlucky complication! You poor poor lovely. I hope they are loading you up with high end anti nausea meds so at the least you dont have the agony pf vomiting.

So many hugs! You poor thing!


Omg I hope you feel better soon!! Just hang there it will all be over soon and before you know it you will be back to daily life. Take care xx

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