Pre-Op Assessment: is there anything I should ask/need to know?

Hi everyone. I have my pre op assessment next week and hopefully they'll give me a date then for the laparoscopy to see if I have endometriosis. Is there anything in particular I should ask or need to know, as the nurse suggested I compile some questions. I'm one of those people who needs to know everything- the good, the bad and the ugly so I'm mentally prepared for what's to come. But my minds gone blank of everything I orginally wanted to ask. Thank you in advance for your help!

Clare x

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  • Hiya, I only had a few questions and they were - if endo is found would they try to remove it or would I require further surgery? Whether I should continue with my pain meds on the day of my lap? And how long would I be in the hospital? They might not tell you the date of your lap at your pre-op I had to wait another 2 weeks for my appointment to come through x

  • Thank you! Oh the doctor said I should get the date when I have the Pre Op, they were going to fit me in on my last appoimtment three weeks ago but were too busy and gave me an appointment for next week. lets see what happens. Thank again though x

  • Usually your pre op would be with a nurse and some of the questions you may wish to ask may be best asked of the surgeon, who you should see before your op. It might sound a terrible thing to say this but I haven't ever found the pre-op nurses that helpful, although I'm sure they mean well. At my first pre-op I was told "our grandmothers just put up with these problems" and at my most recent one I was told "the best cure for endometriosis is to have a baby", without asking me first if that was possible for me!

    Sorry to be negative but these are my experiences of pre-op nurses.


  • Oh that doesn't sound professional or nice at all. Sorry you had to go through that. Fingers crossed mine will be nicer. X

  • I got told by a GP that the best thing for endo was to have a baby if it wasn't for my age (student so not in a financial position to do so). That may help for 9 months but it's not a cure lol. Also for me the pre-op nurse didn't know a lot about the details of the surgery and condition itself. Just knew general surgery questions

  • Wow I can't believe they're reccomending pregnancy as a cure! My doctor stated to go on the pill or hormone therapy- both of which I'm not too keen on. Will have to wait and see what they find though before I consider those options. X

  • The pill really helped me for several years. Almost all my pain went away. I didn't like the idea at first of messing around with my hormones but I had one more horrendous period and I just said I can't take anymore of this so went on it haha

  • The funny thing is, they were both lovely & sympathetic just perhaps not that well informed about endo! Xxx

  • That's a shame as you need someone who knows what they're doing and what you're going through. Thank you for telling me so at least I know to expect they might not know anything x

  • I don't think I asked anything really apart from if I was allowed to take a medication I'm on for something unrelated the morning of surgery

  • But they didn't really seem to know much about the condition itself so I think that was why. She only really knew the answers to general questions that people would ask before any surgery.

  • I asked other questions when the consultant came to see me before my surgery

  • Hi, i have had 2 ops in recent yrs. Unfortunately the pre op nurses concentrate on any anaesthetic related things. The endo nurses or the drs Secretary will be better for more. specific questions. Good luck x

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