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Endermetriosis, anaemia and questions unanswered


Hi, I'm 21 and I had my first lap this January, lap went fine and they removed the endermetriosis that they could see via laser.

Problem is however that the pain during my period is at the same level as it was pretty surgery. I was told that essentially the surgery doesn't cure the symptoms and I'm on the pill and take my break from it every 4 months. The idea being that my pain will be more manageable if I just don't have a period each month.

I could deal with this until I experienced numbness in my limbs and the doctor did blood tests to find I have low iron and low folic acid levels for which now I am on tablets.

Does anybody else sufer low iron levels post surgery? Also I don't know whether or not to go back for a second opinion

My sister had cysts and my mum just had a 1kg fibroid and tumour removed. The pain is so bad during my period that surely it has to be more than just endermetriosis (if I've had the lesions removed)

Is anybody else's pain just as bad/worse post surgery?

Also I bloat quite a lot even off my period???

Anything or advice will help

I just feel as there's as total lack of funding and interest in medicine into the condition and why should we live without answers?!

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Sorry you're still getting the same pain each month, the same has happened to me post op. I had my lap in Nov last year, they lasered deep endo on my uterosacral ligament. As it transpired with me that the endo pain would return as they needed to cut it out, now I'm due a second lap to finish the job. Nobody explained where my endo was found and what to expect, you're right that there isn't much funding or knowledge of this. Good luck and I hope you get some relief x

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