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A few questions

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Hi ladies!

I’m new here, after battling for years with my dr I finally got a referral to a gynaecologist who thinks my symptoms are caused by endo ( really bad pain during ovulation, before and during period, spotting for sometimes a week before period comes, pain when using the toilet at certain times of the month, heavy periods, spotting after intercourse... to name a few)

He tried me on birth control pill for 3 months but it made very little difference just made bleeding and pain more unpredictable, I don’t do well on birth control (spotting, mood swings, nausea, insomnia.. the usual stuff!) I’ve had a copper coil fitted which they suggested removing and swapping for Mirena but they would have to do it during a hystoroscopy because I have no strings (cut off during loop excision for abnormal smear, last one clear so they’re not concerned about CC). In light of all of this the consultant reccomended a laparoscopy to see what’s going on and they will swap coils over while I’m under (yey)

I think I will be having a period when the lap is going to be performed will this matter? I was supposed to have it this past Thursday but it’s been moved to November I would have been bleeding then too!

Also can anybody tell me what to expect afterwards as I am feeling quite nervous!

Thanks in advance

Lauren :)

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All you symptoms are very similar to mine and I have endometriosis, I was on my period when I had my laparoscopy, it's completely fine, just make sure you tell them when you get there on the day of your laparoscopy...after the laparoscopy I felt very tired and sore, but it only last a few weeks and everyday I felt a bit better than the day before, but everyone is different..some people experience pain in their shoulders due to the gas but I never had that...the drugs in. The hospital are amazing though😂 good luck with it all xxx

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LC_87 in reply to Emma5397

Thanks and I look forward to the hospital drugs! Haha! Will they tell me the same day wether they found/treated any endo? Also did you go home the same day? X

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Emma5397 in reply to LC_87

I found out on the same day, but Iv read on someone people's post that they had to wait till next appointment, so think it depends on hospital and doctors. I stayed in for one night, was let home the next morning at 9/10am x

Hi Lauren. The Laparoscopy is nothing to worry about, (I have had 2) the anaesthetic is fine feels quite nice actually. My surgeon spoke to me when I came round of which I could not remember much 😳. I suffered with pain in the shoulder and stomach but I have a hiatus hernia so was probably reason for that. Drink lots of peppermint tea helps with the gas as your stomach will be bloated for a few days also. Takes a few days for anaesthetic to wear off so you will be tired for a couple days but is good to rest. Hope this helps. Best of luck xx

I have a post explaining how I found my lap recently and how I felt afterwards if you want to read. Xxx

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