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Maybe it might be Endo


Hello all so im 27 y.o from Nyc. Ive been back and forth to E.R for about 2 years. I have had excruciating pain each mo. It starts a week b4 my cycle. Gets worse durig and is there for a wek after. The pain keeps me from really doing anything. Hospital gives me meds and tell me im overreacting. So tired of feeling like I'm crazy. It hurts to use the bathroom and i get bad pain in my chest during this time. Did some research on Endo. Feeling anxious. Blood test and scans are normal but i know this isnt a regular menstrual cycle. Feeling helpless

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I would go to a OBGYN (if you're in the states) that can do an ultrasound or sonogram on you to check for larger cysts. This can't pick up small endometrial implants in your abdomen, but can find larger cysts that might be causing you pain. The only way to confirm endometriosis is through surgery, but the ultrasound may give some answers.

Regardless, I would change your diet if you already haven't. is a great resource. It can seem like a strict diet, but if your car breaks down due to engine trouble, a routine oil change won't solve it.

For the short term, contraceptive pills may help to keep the pain at bay.

I'm working toward weaning myself off the pill as I suffer from many side effects, but I take an Omega-3 supplement (it has anti-inflammatory properties, and most of us don't get enough omega-3s), B complex, and probiotic every day with the occasional multi-vitamin. Incorporate more fruits and even more veggies. I drink Vega One every morning and love it! I also use magnesium oil every night before bed (I buy magnesium flakes on Amazon and make a 1:4 ratio with water and spray my feet and legs with it). I stay away from dairy and sugar as those are big pain triggers for me (gluten also seems to be a trigger but I'm not as strict with that).

Eliminate xenoestrogens like parabens in your beauty products as these can increase estrogen in your body, and endo is associated with estrogen dominance.

Overhauling your diet may seem stressful, but it's a way to take control and take care of your body. Research everything you can about supplements that are beneficial to endo. I also see an acupuncturist and find it helps me a lot, both physically and mentally.

I'm not a doctor or nutritionist though, so double-check everything I mentioned with your own research. Most of the above changes would benefit anyone, regardless of the presence of endo.

Sorry for the long response :)

JOI90 in reply to tnewton

Ty somuvh for response. Ive done Ultrasounds and sonogrman no results. But definitely gomna try the other remedies


The symptoms of endometriosis seem to vary so much from woman to woman, but based on what you describe, it certainly seems possible.

The blood tests and scans will not definitively diagnose endometriosis. You need a laparoscopy for that. You definitely need a referral to a gynaecologist and preferably an endometriosis specialist.

Take care


JOI90 in reply to gwen80

Ty so much for your response it just feels good 2 know im not going crazy

gwen80 in reply to JOI90

I thought I was going crazy at one point too. I imagine most of us who are diagnosed have been where you are now. I was told I couldn't possibly have endometriosis because my periods weren't heavy. According to my GP, being curled up in a ball every month, sweating, shaking and trying not to vomit was 'normal'. It's not right, but sadly this is the problem with the level of awareness and information about endometriosis.

You're not going crazy - you need answers. I'm not sure how the health system in the US works, but you need to find someone who specialises in endometriosis and will work with you to find out what is going on.


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