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Help - Post-Op Periods!!

Please help - I am really desperate from some advice or reassurance from someone - I had 2 Decapeptyl injections prior to my last Op on 11th May. The last one was the 5th May.

At my Op I had my Mirena Coil moved which had been in place since December 2015. I had more Endo removed + diagnosed as probably having Adenomyosis too.

But my dilemma is that I am still waiting for a period 😥 my DH and I are very keen to start TTC + after my Op I started charting my BBT etc to help me track what's happening, but I am now at the point of being desperate for my period now! I know I shouldn't complain that I'm not bleeding at the mo, but I just seriously want my body +cycle to be in a normal state so we can TTC!

Is there anything that I or a Dr can do to get things going??

My last 'period' started on 9th May... I did a test on Monday and it was negative, so I don't think I've been lucky 😕 I was getting hot flushes after the Op from the Decapeptyl, but they have now stopped so I had hoped AF was going to arrive soon!!

Sorry for such a long post -so confused + fed up!!!

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