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Sigmoid resection


Hi all,

I have had had 2 laps in the past 3 years to confirm endo in my bowel (sigmoid, a 3cm patch that is full thickness of the bowel wall). My consultant has advised surgery, a resection of that part of the bowel, they hope to anastomise it. The weird thing is that I do not have endo anywhere else, just in my bowel.

I am having an MRI tomorrow to confirm the extent of the endo on my sigmoid, as my last lap was 18 months ago. My symptoms have worsened in the last few months, so I am worried the patch will have grown :-(.

Is there anyone else who just has bowel endo? Also people with experiences of a bowel resection, can you tell me what the recovery was like? I have 2 young children and not much family near by to help. I have been told it would be 5-7 days in hospital and approx 4 weeks recovery, is that realistic? They are hoping to do it laparoscopic, but there is a small risk it may have to be open and also a small risk I may need a stoma!!

Thanks so much.


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Hi Lisbeth

I had a total hysterectomy and complete bowel resection 2 years ago. It was done laparoscopically but I had a fair sized incision where they removed the bowel. I was told I would probably spend first night in high dependency unit and although low risk there was a chance I would have a stoma.

I'm pleased to say I woke up on the regular ward not HDU and with no stoma. I stayed in hospital for 2 nights but was readmitted after one night at home as vomiting severely but this was just my body getting in a pickle with pain relief and it was quickly sorted.

My recovery was v quick and easy. I was however extremely tired from long anaesthetic and not best behaved with not doing things as so frustrated. My grand daughter lives with me and she was 5 at the time. She was great but still quite demanding of my attention. You will need support with your children to make sure you have best recovery.

I was back to work after 4 weeks and never felt better. My bowel isn't perfect but so much better than it was. Definitely best decision to have surgery

Hope this has helped, happy to answer more questions

Tracey x

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