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Sigmoid Colon Stuck to Bowel

Hello ladies

Ok, here is a scary notion. Just got the results from my MRI, and been told my rectum and sigmoid colon are stuck to my uterus! What? Ok need time to take that in!

Will rewind a little. Need to have a full hysterectomy. My surgeon decided to send me for an mri first. Very responsibly he wanted to see if endo had spread, and if so what needed to be done and by who. He wanted to have correct surgeons present. He is on the accredited list, so I'm in good hands.

Then I get told this which terrifies me. I'm also covered in chocolate cysts on my right side. Oddly though pain is all on my left.

So now I must wait until he speaks to the bowel surgeon, in order to plan my op.

I know everything is in order, and getting dealt with properly. But doesn't make it an less scary.

Thanks for listening X

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Sorry that should have read sigmoid colon stuck to uterus. X


Hi. Don't panic, as scary as it sounds, quite a few women have their womb stuck to their bowel by endo! I know you said you are seeing a specialist, and I don't mean to worry you - but the level of skill between them can vary greatly in some cases. Can I ask why he is removing your uterus is it to "treat" endo, or do you have Adenomyosis, bleeding problems, or other uterine issues? Is he also planning on removing your ovaries as well, and how old you are too? :-)


Hi There

Thanks for your reply. To answer your questions. I'm 31 with stage 4 endo on ovaries, uterus, pouch of douglas and now bowel. We jointly agreed to go for a hysterectomy with ovary removal, after all else failed. It just keeps coming back. Had 2 clean outs last year and 2 rounds of zoladex.

It was because of it reoccurring, that I asked my gp this year to send me to an accredited centre before I underwent any further treatment.

I had my consultation, gave my full history, and agreed this was the way to go.

I have been blessed with a lovely little girl, so pain management was a priority over fertility. Had a terrible birth, and I was told it would be risky to have another.

I hope this makes sense and look forward to your reply X


Hello! :-) I see where you are coming from but 31 is very young really to have a hyst, and even more so to have your ovaries removed. Are you aware of all the overall health risks from removing the ovaries, to both physical and mental health - "if" they are healthy it's really best to keep them if you can, many of the leading specialists believe in removing all the disease not the female organs.

When you had your previous surgery, if that wasn't with a specialist did they excise - cut out the endo or did they just burn it? Burning endo is ineffective at removing the disease fully in 80-90% of cases. For the majority of women if endo is thoroughly excised it does not recur - it's usually persistent endo because it was never removed properly in the first place or missed disease. I'm quite shocked the specialist is so keen to remove your organs without having a look themselves, and just trying to do surgery to excise all the disease first - have you considered trying that first?

Are you in the UK and if so are you in England? Lots of questions! ;-)


Endo is causing me the same problems- mine is also stage 4, I have the same sticking problems and I'm the same age as you. Only difference is I'm going through IVF so I'm not at the same stage of endo treatment as you but my consultant has already said once I have had my family I will need surgery to unstick everything. Hope everything goes well for you x


Thank you both for your replies, and Bobenhams3 I wish you all the luck in the world with the IVF.

Surgeries were with a general gynaecologist. I know I'm young at 31, but as I have completed my family I am happy with the decision of a hysterectomy and believe it's the way to go. The scan showed masses of chocolate cysts on my right ovary, and my left ovary is twisted with adhesions, yet again.

I am aware of the potential risks of a young age hysterectomy, but I really do not know what else to do. I have exhausted everything. I can't even take anti inflammatory meds as I am allergic to them, and anything stronger makes me drowsy. Not possible when I need to work full time and care for my little girl.

I'm just so sick of being tired and in pain 24/7. I want to run around with my 2 year old daughter, and not have her always see me in pain; it's upsetting for her. I'm doing this for her, so I can be a better Mum and let her jump on me, play a game of footie, or even just let her lie on me to watch a dvd without crying out in pain.

I may not get health problems, but if I do it will be later in life when my little girl has grown up. At least this way I can live my life to the full when I am still young.

Sending you both big hugs X

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