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Symptoms after resection of endometriosis

Hi , I had a surgery last week for resection of stage 4 endometriosis, BSO and total hysterectomy. It was done Laporte but the whole procedure has caused a haemotoma in my abdomen which is causing a lot of pain. The bowels are also feeling irritable which isn't giving me a good feeling. Everything inside my abdomen is super sensitive and causing twinging pain. I just need help if anyone can has been through the same and if my symptoms are normal. Docs can't help much therefore want to know if someone has been through the same. Want speedy recovery but doesn't look it will be soon the way it is going.



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Hi Nisha,

Sorry to hear you’re having a hard time. I haven’t gone through it myself but I am having a bowel resection soon and have talked to my consultant at length. He estimated that due to the nature of my endo (stage 4) and needing a resection and possible hysterectomy he estimated recovery to be months rather than weeks. One of the biggest things he did say was that it takes a long time for the bowels to settle down again and needing to go to the loo very often (up to ten times a day to open the bowels) for a number of months is very common.

So I hope some of that is reassuring at least that some of what you’re experiencing is normal? As for the Doctors not being helpful, are you able to talk to a GP perhaps about some of your symptoms and how best to manage them? Xx

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After reading your comments I am assured that the symptoms I am having are expected from the surgery I have been through. The docs don't explain you fully therefore when problem happens one does get a bit anxious whether that was expected.

Thanks a lot xx


Had a similar surgery TAH BSO on 5 Jan. Suffering a lot severe joint pains, weakness, fluctuating heart rate. Long list of side effects. Am in Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh. Where do you live?

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Mine are early days so don't know what lies in future. I had stage 4 endo so had to get the surgery done but now looking at my symptoms I am thinking why did I get it done. 😓

Hopefully the symptoms wil go away quickly.

I am in UK.

Thanks for reassuring me..xx


Mine was also stage 4 with chocolate cysts on the ovaries, adenomyosis, bowel resection. There were severe adhesions, cervix was also removed. Just wondering whether it was worth it, organs were precancerous so didn't have much option. Hope you recover soon.

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Hi, sorry you are sufferIng. I had same op plus cervix out and excision of endometriosis. It is major surgery and you are very early days. I too had two vault haematomas. They are painful.

Regarding your other symptoms it is all to be expected. The bowel and bladder get moved around during the surgery and they do not like it. Bowel and gas pain post op is incredibly painful for the first week or so. Best thing is a good diet, stool softener and gentle walking in the house or garden until you feel strong enough to go out.

I had lower pelvis pain and twinging and felt very uncomfortable. I took this as a sign that I needed to rest so lay down for an hour.

I really made sure I stuck to what I was advised and read information on the hysterectomy website. I needed 14 weeks off work as had awful bladder infection and ended up back in hospital.


I was told you only get one chance of recovery and risk of prolapse is high after this surgery. Full recovery can take up to a year!

So rest, regular pain relief and be waited on will help recovery and don’t rush back to work!

I hope you feel better soon. 😀

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Thanks for explaining me your condition in full detail. Looks like my symptoms are not that different from yours. I am at least assured that this is normal to experience. It is always difficult to explain family members of what we are going through therefore this chat has been very helpful as my husband knows now that my symptoms are expected to happen.

Don't know how much time it will take 🙄 for full recovery but at least the early symptoms should wear off quickly.

Thanks again dear. Xx


You are welcome. Feel free to message me anytime. It really is a major op even if done keyhole. The hysterectomy site has loads of information and advice.

Take it easy and rest, rest, rest and be waited on. Xx


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