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Nine weeks after first lap and still in agony

Hello ladies

I'm just posting to see if anybody else had experienced anything similar. For a breif back story, I've always had problems with my periods, extreme pain started back in November 2016 and several hospital admissions later I had my first laparoscopy which diagnosed and treated endometriosis. This was just over nine weeks ago. I recovered fairly quickly and although there was still pain it was very mild and nothing like It had been until about two weeks ago.

A week ago I was taken to hospital for pain and again two times following that this week. The doctors aren't doing anything for me, they've literally said they aren't going to carry on giving me morphine in hospital, my tests are fine and to go home and avoid coming back.

The pain is unbearable, it's effecting everything. I can't go to work, cook a meal, in fact most of the time I can hardly get out of bed. I'm currently taking paracetamol, naproxen and codeine but was also prescribed oralmorph by the out of hours doctor last night. I'm taking my pain meds as much as I possibly can, it just doesn't help, yet still I'm clock watching for my next dose because it's the only thing I've got at the moment.

I've had a referral made about four months ago for the pain team but still haven't received an appointment through. Has anybody gone private for pain management team? I just am so pissed off that it's all happening again... I was told the laparoscopy would help the pain and it hasn't.

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So sorry to hear :-(

Please ask for a MRI, maybe go privately if you can afford it.


Hello! Thank you for the reply. Excuse my ignorance but why would I need an MRI? What would they be looking for?

My mum has said she is willing to pay for private, so I might go down that route.


MRI is non invasive and can show abnormalities in your abdomen. It can also show you endometriosis interna: adenomyosis.


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