Now what do I do?

I had a lap 4 weeks ago to see if I had endo as I have ever symptom going and more. However they found none?! I went to the GP and they have basically said it's all in my head. I saw my gynaecology consultant who has said I should just be happy that they have found nothing. I am in pain every day on my left side around my ovary and occasionally right side too. I have stabbing pains in my bladder when I go to the toilet. I'm tired of having heavy bleeding to the point of I can't leave the house just incase. It's effecting my social life my relationship and work. I don't know who to turn to now?

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  • It just be so frustrating. Interstitial Cystitis? Maybe get a referral to Urologist who can do a Cystoscopy and look inside your bladder? Or your Gyn can request MRI when they inject dye that will highlight Endo.

  • I don't have the same symptoms as you but please go back and see your GP. If you are in pain then they must do something to find out what it is OR give you pain relief. Don't take no for an answer. If it helps, take a friend or relative with you and push them- start a diary and take it with you when you see your GP. If your GP will not help, ask to change GP within your surgery and if that doesn't help, change GP practice altogether. Thinking of you. Good luck x

  • Iv done a diary since January. And the response is " oh it is a bit all over the place" which isn't helpful. The GP that listened has left :( I'm just going to have to keep going back and see everyone until someone listens. I haven't had an MRI so I'll push for that next. Thank you. X

  • Hi. I just had a lap and same thing. No endo. I have been on zoladex since July as gynae was sure it was because of my symptoms. Have you had a scan? My scan showed a very bulky pitted uterus and I think I may have adenomyosis which has similar symptoms to endo but can't be seen on a lap push for more help, the pain os not in your head!!!you may be depressed and that will affect your bodies response to pain. Ask your gp for some nerve blocking pain relief like amitriptyline it will help brighten your outlook. Good luck!!

  • I looked at adenomyosis too but was told by the consultant that they would be able to tell in the lap if it was possible but the only way to be certain would be a hysterectomy?! Iv had a ultra sound scan but that's it. Thank you for your advice and help x

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