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Exhaustion after lap?

Hi ladies

I had a lap 15th may (4 weeks ago yesterday) I recovered really well and really fast, phased myself back to work and have been out and about. I must admit during recovery I had lack of sleep sometimes, late nights but waking early. I started my first period since my lap on Thursday and I also went out on Friday for my birthday and was dancing etc on very little sleep. Now since yesterday I've been totally exhausted, I can't stop sleeping! I don't have a fever or anything just muscle aches (I usually suffer with neck pain) but feel absolutely shattered. Could it be because I'm not fully recovered yet and have over done it? Even though I felt well, I've been working, socialising and back to normal within less than 4 weeks. Could it have caught up with me and the heavier period cause some tiredness? Should I rest some more now? I'm in no pain, except for a headache, but just rest unusually tired for me! Beyond wanting to do anything. Grateful for any advice! X

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Be gentle with yourself it can take 12 weeks after a lap for your body to heal internally fully. I had prolonged post op fatigue and didn't get back to work for 5 weeks. Surgery affects us all differently. You could try floradix for iron. This leaflet explains the internal healing process in detail.



Thank you x

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