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Bowel Problems!

I was wondering if anyone has had ongoing problems like this? I had excision surgery with a specialist in January, I had endometriosis excised off my bowel.

Since then my bowel problems seem to of got worse. I have trouble eating most foods, some days I may eat just 1 meal because eating causes diarrhea, bloating and leaves my stomach feeling ill. I feel so low because I just constantly feel uncomfortable and sorry for tmi but often have a burning painful sensation in my backside. My doctors barely listen to me and offer no advice or help.

Any help or advice is really appreciated xx

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Hi I had endo surgery on my bowel for endo stage 4. I also get very bloated irritable bowel type symptoms most days. As soon as I eat within half hour on the toilet it's a nightmare. I have started cutting wheat and gluten down in my diet tried to cut it out but it's impossible and expensive to do so be different if I had intolerance. One thing I do use to help is peppermint tea I feel it helps with the bloating alot I wasn't to keen at 1st but I brew it in large travel mug just sip it through the day. I buy aldi specially selected infusion peppetmint tea bags really good proper mint half price tesco hope helps good luck


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