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Hi all new on here and found all information reassuring, probably sounds silly but after years suffering from period pain waking me up at night and then on the third day all on the left side, im now worrying that it is me being a wimp and putting myself through the lap unnecessary. No one wants to have endo but at least i will no and get the treatment i need. I have only had an ultrasound and all that could be seen was my womb appeared more to the left hand side and not central, i had an internal which was sore again in this area but for the majority of the month i have no pain. First two days very heavy period, first day period pains are like contractions in the later stages and third day sharp pains to the point it takes my breath away and gives me diarrhoea. Not sure why im writing this but wondered if its just the nerves or what any one else thinks based on my symtoms?

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Your symptoms sound like mine period pain wise. Very bad for 3 days, max 4 (except I have pelvic and bladder pain too) They wouldn't put you on the operating table if they thought you didn't have endo. I hope you feel better afterwards. A friend of line said it completely changed her life 👍 Betterbto have it done when endo is not too extensive and keep it under control than wait til it becomes bad with adhesions and endo on lots of organs!!

thanks for your reassurance, when i have the pain i know something isnt right but when im pain free i doubt myself x

I'm the same!

nice its not just me :)

I can only say please go through with the surgery - like you, I initially only had pain during my period and that makes it really easy to spend the other three weeks of the month telling yourself it's not that big a deal. But when things got worse it happened very quickly, and I went from pain I could manage at home to pain I couldn't cope with at all (and was having to go to A&E for). My biggest regret is that I wasn't able to access help before things got that bad. Be strong. x.

thank you good advice yes will def go through with it just doubting myself lol mind due if it was the time of the month now i would be running there friday x

thats amazing news! so pleased for you, i have been counting down my periods since i got the lap date x

Hi lee80, what you've described is exactly what I had. My results personally weren't great after my lap and I'm waiting further surgery. Don't let that scare you or worry you we're all different. My lap wasn't too bad to be honest I had bruising but nothing serious. The worst part was the gas pain in my shoulders afterwards. Ibprophen and hot water bottle helped. I also walked around a lot and drank peppermint tea to shift it. By the 4th day I sounded like a rugby player after 18 pints and a kerbab but I felt so much better for it. I hope this will help you. Take each day and appointment as it comes is my best advice that's how I'm personally dealing with it. Good luck for Friday.

Thank you hope your on the mend as well xxx

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