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First lap surgery 2 day. Advice please I'm so nervous :(

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I have my first lap in two days and would love some advice from everyone, what to expect, what to take to the hospital, what could help recovery.

I suffer from anxiety and it's been really tough leading up to the day of surgery.

I have asked to be able to take Valium the night before and day of because i just don't see myself making it to the hospital without.

If anyone can help calm my nerves or give me any advice it would much appreciated xxx

14 Replies
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It's understandable to be nervous, it's really not that bad. Be sure to tell the nurses, anaesthetist and consultant your concerns, in my experience they will go out of their way to reassure and help you. Take a dressing gown, slippers, book/magazine, your phone, something comfy to wear home, I always take baby wipes to give my face a wipe, hair brush, lip balm. Good luck you will be fine.

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Memw in reply to tmc182

Thank you so much, bag is packed! I forgot baby wipes Thankyou!! it's just the nerves that are making life unbearable. Thanks again for your reply xx

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hi. As tmc182 said its normal and absolutely fine to be nervous 😊. I had my lap on Wednesday afternoon, I was so nervous but the staff from the specialist to the student nurse were amazing I couldn't praise them highly enough. I do have a sight condition that has reacted badly in the past and i was having it done the day before our only childs birthday so I was aprehsive and emotional but is was honest with them and they couldn't of been more caring if they had tried. I can't think of anything to add to what to take just possible a nightie and tooth brush in the off chance your late on the list and they keep you over night. Is it a diagnostic lap or are you having treatment?

for recovering take your time, do less than you feel able as having an anaesthetic can make you tired so don't exhaust yourself to soon. Peppermint tea can help with the helping your system deal with the gas and walking about does to ( I was uncomfortable under my ribs and it felt like my shoulder needed to 'crack' if that makes sense but it didn't last long and is perfectly normal).

we have a friend who is a senior gastro surgeon and he really reassured me by saying everyone in the team is focused on you and your monitored every second throughout and after. They did make me feel safe and when I go for the next surgery I don't think I will be nearly as nervous.

take care 😊 xx

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Thanks so much for your reply. Diagnostic lap, I have had the deep internal endometriosis scan and that didn't come back with anything on my organs but with all my symptoms he is sure I have endo and said its a matter of time before this surgery has to happen. Better now when it hasn't spread and it's easier and safer to treat.

Its the night before surgery and I am so calm its very odd, I suffer from major anxiety and this is just a nice feeling considering what tomorrow brings, I think I am just very tired and ready.

I've packed everything Thankyou for all your suggestions I really appreciate your thoughts :)

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Hi Memw

Bless you, how you're feeling is absolutely completely normal. I was exactly the same before my first lap 5 weeks ago.

I reckon I racked up literally thousands of hours of feeling so anxious and worried. However I can honestly tell you that it will not be as bad as you imagine. The staff are all incredible, they understand and they are experts at helping you feel at ease. The medical staff during your operation will have all eyes on you at every point, and it's just as Tillyfloss said, you are likely to be more safe during your op than you are at any other point in your life. They are experts, they do this several times, every day. And they've been doing that for many years.

There are lots of relaxation techniques that might help too, I tried some breathing and meditation before surgery videos that I found on YouTube and they worked well for me, it might be worth giving them a try.

After the op I found my mouth was very dry and when after a few hours I felt like eating, they gave me a sandwich. It was so funny really, my mouth was so dry I had to have so much water to be able to eat it. So I would suggest taking in a couple of bottles of water. Of course they give you water but it's nice to not have to keep asking for a topup.

A pillow for the car on the way home is can put it between your belly and the seatbelt which helps.

Stock up on paracetamol and ibuprofen at home too, you may not need them, but good to have just in case. Ditto sanitary towels.

Also, I found after my op, my mind was like a sponge to emotions and moods around me. So make sure any visitors that come round are happy peeps only 😊 If you've got a friend who is likely to want to talk about her latest problem, it may be better to ask her kindly to visit in a couple of weeks 👍

My experience was honestly so much better than I really was. And I'm sure yours will be too. Be kind to yourself, stay as positive as you can, you can do this!!!!! 😊💜

With love xx

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Memw in reply to Flowersandhearts

I can't Thankyou enough for your sweet words.

I have been meditating the past few weeks and I do defiantly believe it has helped me.

I just spoke with the nurses kts the night before and very weirdly enough tonight I am the most calm I have been in weeks. Hopefully it lasts till I'm at the hospital.

I plan on spending the first few nights at my mum and dads as my hubby is a night shift worker and unable to get time off, so I'm looking forward to going home, nothing like home :)

Thankyou so much for your message! I will def take a pillow for the car great idea.

Many thanks :) xxxxxxxxxxx

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Flowersandhearts in reply to Memw

I'm so glad you are able to stay with your Mum and Dad, that will be perfect as you'll need a little help over the first couple of days. It's nothing too much, but it's slightly tricky to sit up in bed because you can't use your tummy muscles too well. I ended up perfecting a really undignified sumo roll out of bed in the end, which made me laugh more than anything else 😂

It's a good idea to have everything you need by your bed so that it's within easy reach, however I'm sure your parents will be amazing with anything you need.

Isn't it fab when we're able to change our mind around a little. I felt myself getting into the "nerves and worry habit". Almost like if I worried then I would be somehow making any potential problems not happen? Does that make sense? However, it took me a little while to realise, but worrying just has no positive benefit at all. It's different to give things productive thought, to try and find a solution, however relentless worry (as bloomin difficult as it is to try and stop) just makes us less and less calm in the end.

I'm thinking your lap is tomorrow? I'll keep you in my thoughts all day, you'll be just fabulous 😊


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Memw in reply to Flowersandhearts

Thankyou so much for reaching out as much as you have. This is my first post and I have felt so alone as no friends have even heard of this, so it just makes me feel understood and that is worth everything.

Lap tomorrow :) I think I have got to be point where it would be nice to not be in pain and cry and just have answers and move forward. Your too right, just wasted too much energy being anxious.

Hehe I was packing a few movies and even thought I cant take funny ones as it will hurt to laugh haha!

I have even done some online shopping and mum has put it on the bed just waiting for me hehe 😂

Thankyou for keeping me in your thoughts :) I will keep you posted post op.


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Flowersandhearts in reply to Memw

Your Mum sounds absolutely incredible :)

Take your recovery slowly - I read online here somewhere that surgery is an event and recovery is a process, and that really helped me.

Looking forward to hearing from you once you're up to it, there's never any need to rush your recovery.

Take care xxx

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hi. Hope your lap went well and you have answers. Take your time recovering and enjoy being looked after your mum - I'm a week past mine and staying with my parents has been the best place to be for recovering 😊.

take care xx

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I was a nervous wreck going in, crying and carrying on. I spoke with the anaesthetic a week ago who agreed to give me gas before the Canula as I a lot of anxiety stemmed from that dam needle.

Woke up really irritable couldn't get confirtabke and I was so figiting.

Took me 5 hours before I was able to get out of the bed to use the bathroom and by then it was 9pm so they kept me over night, which was the best decision I'm so happy I did.

They found endo and removed cysts and actually found my ovary was in an abnormal position and has attached itself to the bowel but this wasn't even from the endo. So the surgeon has separated then now. I also suffer from IBS and thinking that has been the reason all along?

I actually don't have any tummy pain (yet?) it's all in my shoulder from the gas, that is excruciating pain but only a problem when I stand up. Laying down I am basiclly pain free!

Getting discharged within three hours, asking my mum to bring a hot water bottle for the shoulder pain as I am sore after a 5 metre walk to the toliet, the carpark is a bit of a stretch.

Little bit of bleeding down there but expected more.

My Canula begun to leek through the night so there is random blood on my sheets and gown from different parts of me. Ew! I'm not good with blood.

Over all I am positive and waking up a happier and healthier person. Ready to have 2017 re focused on other things 👊

I can't say Thankyou enough for your support everyone xxxxxxx

Well done! Shoulder pain is the worst i totally can empathise. Have loads of peppermint tea it really helps. Or a few drops of peppermint in water. Take it really easy for the first few days. I found sleeping sorta propped up helped with the shoulder stuff for the first couple nights

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Oh man the shoulder pain is so horrible! How long did yours last? It is better to rest if have small walks to move the gas around until it's gone?

I have a hot water bottle on it when I lay down. I didn't expect it be like this.

All over the peppermint tea, I hate it but anything that helps! Then I have a Tim Tam to get rid of the taste hehe (always a silver lining)

Thank you for your reply xx

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hi. That's brilliant you have a reason for your pain dealt with it 😊.

having the lap makes a huge difference, I've had open surgery twice and in comparison this time the surgery I've actually had was far more complicated and invasive yet having it done by a lap has meant my pain is less than the previous two,

the shoulder pain is horrible, mine went with in 48 hours, I had peppermint tea, I walked as much as possible as I had a drain and catheter in which were just something to get tangled up in. I found being propped up helped and relaxing through deep breathing seemed to relax me to which I think helped.

I hope you enjoy being spoilt by your mum and go with what your body is telling you and enjoy making plans for 2017😊. Xx

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