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Surgical menopause?

Hi There,

Im back again after 4yrs. Thought having my big fibroids removed I would be ok but over the past 2yrs, the little ones have started to grow and be a nuisance. This lead Me to be put on decapeptil..faking my body into menopause so the fibroids would naturally shrink. A yr later and they shrunk mm. Now they decide a complete hysterectomy.

I have done some reading but still not sure what to expect or how to prepare myself for surgical menopause post op..

Any help and advice greatly appreciated..

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I had my ovaries removed 10 weeks ago and I'm doing really well. I'd had decapeptyl and was on prostap without HRT prior to the surgery so didn't have a crash into menopause after it as I was basically already there. The worst symptom I have is the hot flushes and the sweats but other than that I feel really well. That said, I was very unwell prior to the surgery. I was very frightened beforehand but I'm glad I had it done. I'm 39 if that helps (and I'm not on HRT at the moment).

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