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Need some advise

Hiya Everyone,

I saw my doctor today about joint pain i have been having. i have had joint pain for a long time now, but the last 6 months i have noticed that the pain is getting worse and lasting a lot longer.

The doctors suspects arthritis and explained to me that it is quite common for women with Endo to end up with a secondary condition, especially RA or Osteoarthritis. she has booked a blood test and x-ray for me.

I was diagnosed with extensive Endo in February and I am 22 years old.

I am just wondering if any of you lovely people on here have experienced the same thing?


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Hi I am 24 and I have been suffering from joint pain and I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome a couple of years back before I was actually diagnosed with endo. It might be worth checking that out because endo and ehlers danlos syndrome are usually linked together so it could be that.

Any questions you have I am happy to answer so let me know ☺️

Hope that helps x


Hiya, thank you I will defiantly look in to that. :) if my blood and x-ray come back clear I will be speaking to the doctors again. x

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I was diagnosed with joint hypermobility many years ago (10+) and also tested positive for rheumatoid arthritis which apparently meant that I am more likely to have it as I get older. My Endo diagnosis was a struggle though and it was only last year when I got referred for a lap but unfortunately the excision didn't help.


Hiya, I am sorry to hear that the excision didn't help. I had my lap done in February and there is not much of an improvement for me either. it took me 3 and half years to get a endo diagnosis.

I have spoke to my doctors before about my joints a long time ago. but they just brushed it off.


Thank you, I'm sorry that you're not feeling much different either. I'm due to have another lap in July after trying the mirena coil and different pills and being on zoladex for three months too!

It's taken years for my diagnosis as my issues we're put down to bad periods etc or it's a female thing etc 🙄

The joint issue was discovered and diagnosed within a year. I would keep bugging them about it though. Nothing is more important than your health. I wish you all the best x

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Yes sorry to say pain just worsen with other systoms that follow


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