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Terrified of Lap in the morning

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I am sat here completely bricking it in honesty, i know its going to hurt and just so scared atm πŸ˜₯

I've just read a post a lady in a lot of pain and thats it ive set myself off panicking god i hope im different and not in too much discomfort but then again then nurse said dont kid myself its going to.

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Hello, everyone's post op pain is different, you'll find though many of us find the trapped gas pain in the shoulder the worst but to help with that I recommend peppermint tea, hot water bottle and walking around it tends to help shift the gas pain quick. When I had my first lap I imagined a lot of pain but I found my period pain worse than post op pain. Best of luck for tomorrow.


You may already have had your lap, in which case I hope you're feeling ok! If not, I promise you the operation is fine. I found when I came round from the anaesthetic, I didn't even realise they'd done it, I didn't feel anything. They'll probably put you on some painkillers when you're ok the drip, but I couldn't feel anything. The worst was the gas pain, but for most people this passes in a couple of days. If it does really hurt, try and walk around, take Nurofen (I found this worked best for me) and drink so much water!

I hope it all goes ok!

Hi, best of luck with the op. Everyone is different. I have had two laps. one diagnostic lap (was totally fine afterwards just a bit tired and back to work within a week) and one lap for total hysterectomy plus endo removal. This one is taking longer to recover as they did a massive amount of internal work. I was fine the first day as so full of wonderful hospital drugs! I had lots of pain from the gas on days 2-4 but as others have said, peppermint tea and little walks around the house helped shift that, then no more pain really, just the odd twinge if I over do it. Keep doing lots of little walks but also rest and look after yourself, let us know how you get on and best of luck xxxx

Hi there

I just wanted to send you a little message of positivity.

Aren't we funny us humans...we can read a hundred positive posts however as soon as we read one post that says about someone having a difficult experience, that's the one we focus on. I'm exactly the same as you and I remember doing just that 😊

I had my lap 3 weeks ago today, so we're already lap anniversary sisters πŸ˜‰

And I remember thinking that morning that the amount of time and mental energy that had gone into worrying about my lap was far more than it should've been....but we're only normal.

As the girls here have already said, the hospital will give you painkillers which help incredibly!!! I had some pain when I first came round from the anaesthetic however, there was a nurse with me and she gave me some painkillers into my cannula in the back of my hand and it was the most incredible feeling. And from then on...once they had worn off, I just replied on paracetamol and ibuprofen, but the pain wasn't bad at all. I found that it was a little painful, kind of a pulling feeling on the incision sites (I had 2) when I tried to sit up in bed for a couple of days afterwards, so make sure you've got lots of pillows and cushions by you to help prop you up. Make sure you've got everything handy by your bed too, ask someone at home to get you all kitted out with supplies...water/juice/pepperminttea/pain killers/a little chocolate πŸ˜‰/magazines and just rest rest rest rest rest!!!

Everyone is different, I believe that so strongly, and no two recoveries are the same, which is why, the biggest advice I would give you, is to listen to your own body alone and nothing or no one else. I tried to get back to normal before I was ready and I just wore myself out.

You will be absolutely fine, it'll be over before you know it. I remember thinking how bizarre that it seemed that in one moment I was in the pre surgery room and the next moment I was in the recovery room. And it all seemed in the blink of an eye πŸ˜‰

Everything will be absolutely fine I promise...all those experts monitoring you...it'll be some of the most safest minutes of your life!! πŸ˜‰

Lots of love and luck, I'll keep you in my thoughts today xx

Thanks ladies, youve completely calmed me down about it all.

Im having the endo removed, a cyst and my ovary put back to where its meant to be its attached to the womb.

Having a dye test & hyst feeling positive now heres to a new start aye.

I go down in about 2 hours so just sat reading a book im so hungry πŸ˜‚

There going to give a lot of pain meds so i feel more at ease

See you on the other side x

Good luck xx

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