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Post laparoscopy periods

Hi ladies

I had my second laparoscopy on the 2nd March and I'm still feeling crappy :(

I had bleeding for a week afterwards, then a period after 26 days, then another after 21 days and now 23 days after that I think the next one is coming today.

My cycle has always been erratic but even for me, 21 and 23 days is extreme and the pain and nausea has been worse than ever.

Is it normal to still feel this awful? I'm almost wishing I never had it done as I'm missing so much time off work and can't look after my little girl properly when its at its worst.

At my follow up appointment, they wanted to fit me with a mirena coil but I've had that before and it DID NOT agree with me. Also I want to try and get pregnant again but I don't know how much long er I can live like this.

Sorry for the long whingey post, I know many others have it so much worse than me but I'm so fed up :(

Any advice would be gratefully received xx

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