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Anxiety relief

Hi all,

I hope you are all well, this is new to me but hoped I could pick your brains a little.

I suffer with anxiety symptoms which are always underlying but seem to go through times when they peak quite regularly. They are not always linked to a particular date of the month.

I am in the marina IUD which is really keeping my endometriosis under control which is fab and I can't have estrogen due to a previous DVT when I was young so I need to stay on it (otherwise I know many people say they have come off it because of the anxiety it causes etc).

What I wanted to know is if any of you have found a really effective combination/combined vitimin supplement that may help. My doc has suggested anxiety mess but I am reluctant until I've tried everything else, although I really need to address it now. I never know if natural methods work effectively enough and don't know what to take or how much, and I know St Johns Wort interfered with my coil.

Also, have any of you had progesterone testing or progesterone allergy testing while still on the IUD and do the results still work at any time of the month?

Thanks for any help, it's a minefield isn't it!

Best wishes

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Ps apologies for the typos, just re-read it and saw the errors!

I meant anxiety meds, got to love predictive text!


I suffer from anxiety, I found speaking to someone helped to work out some of my issues other than that I drink a lot of herbal tea and take multivits, turmeric among other things every day but I'm not sure they help with my anxiety. x


Thanks for your reply CE_88_14, do you just take a general multi vitimin?

Best wishes


I normally take women's vitabiotic multivitamins to make sure I'm getting everything I need :-). x


Did you suffer with anxiety pre-Mirena? xxx


Thanks CE-88

Hi Janine 33. Looking back I think I did a bit since a teenager but nothing like as bad as now.


Hi, I take herbal Kalms and so far as I know I don't believe valerian or gentian interfere with coil but do do your own research.

Non chemically I also try rational self talk / writing and 11-7 breathing techniques which have been most helpful for me.

Bizarrely my OCD has eased a lot since my diagnosis, though perhaps that is because I now have something real to worry about instead lol.


Mood changes/depression/anxiety were some of the reasons I had my Mirena removed. Having said that, it wasn't working for me so I don't know if I'd have still taken the decision to have it removed if it was. The emotional/mental wellness adverse effects became too much for me to put up with in the end xxx


Thanks all, I really appreciate all your help, really trying to find a way to ease the constant underlyingness of it as well as the peaks, without coming off the marina xxx


I see a counsellor/clinical psychologist who specialises in women with chronic pelvic pain and that helps me so much.. This is on the nhs i was referred by my physio in Oxford pelvic pain centre, good luck x

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