Hi Ladies,

Most will have heard my story before - but if not a quick recap:

Recently diagnosed with mild Endo back in June with a Lap. Have been put back on the pill and although its stopped my periods, I'm still suffering with pain.

I was wondering if any of you suffer from Anxiety?

I am a childminder, whilst I'm doing an Open University Degree - so doing my uni work at home in-between the school runs. Been in this job for 2 years, before hand i was working at Subway and restaurants and loved talking to people - now just the thought of having to do interviews and meet people and work in offices gives me heart palpitations and tears!!

I'm naturally a worrier anyway, and worry over small niggly things, but I've noticed lately that my worrying is becoming ridiculous! I panic over small things such as having to drive long journeys that I've never done before (anything over 30 minutes really), if i think of something thats troubling me - such as my car breaking down (its pretty old and is making some strange noises) then i just panic so much, worry 24/7 over it, go sweaty, hot and cold, and feel physically sick until i have been calmed down.

I don't really know if these are anxiety attacks, and i feel pretty stupid mentioning it to anyone, even my supportive boyfriend (who is annoyingly calm allllll the time!)

Anyway, sorry for the long post but i just hope someone has some insight into this.

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  • Hello lovely, anxiety is definitely something I can relate to. I've just been diagnosed with stage 2 endo yesterday and I was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder last year. I honestly believe it's all connected and we're more sensitive to emotions. I ended up worrying myself into panic attacks and eventually had CBT which helped a lot! Xx I went back to work full time which I found hard mentally and physically, and I got myself a car (I had anxiety around driving and put off getting a car for 5 years because of it), and just facing my 'fears' which were irrational, helped a lot. I read a book by Paul David Anxiety no More which helped as well xxx my anxiety is in a cycle and is bad about 10 days before my period. I don't have panic attacks any more thank god - although I was close to one yesterday when having the laparoscopy lol. X If you need a chat just message me :) you're not alone and it's definitely a very common thing. Most people I know suffer with anxiety to a certain degree but aren't even aware of it.

  • Hi :)

    Thanks for your reply, its nice to know its not all in my head to be honest. I have thought i need to just face my fears and do these awful things, but its definitely easier said than done lol! I may see about that book too and see if it can help, thank you :)

    Glad to hear your dealing with your anxiety better, and i hope everything went well with your Lap yesterday and your recovering well :)

    Thanks xxx

  • It is much much easier said than done. I wouldn't even get on a plane but forced myself this summer because I refuse to let anxiety run my life. It was the most terrifying 5 hours of my life but hey I did it lol xx look into CBT It really helps you see the way you're thinking and changes your thinking pattern. I didn't think I was a negative thinker until I started CBT and then realised how bad I was. I'm burning up at the minute and the old me would have panicked thinking I had an infection or my merina had made it's way up into my heart and I was going do die :') I wish I was joking as well but that's how my mind used to work! Now the logical side of me has more control and I can relax and think I've had surgery I'm just a little unwell and I'll be fine :) anxiety is a nightmare I can completely sympathise with u xxxxx

  • Wow well done you for facing your fear!! Im really pleased you've found a way to cope. I definitely think i'll look into this CBT then, at least to try and see if it helps :)

    Thank you xxx

  • I honestly think that's the hardest but only way to cope with anxiety. To face whatever scares u and evaluate whether it's a rational fear. Fear is just your bodies way of protecting you, we'd all die if we didn't have any fear, for example I thought there's a chance of dying if I get on a plane, which is true but how likely is that to happen? I have a fear of how I come across to people because I get anxious but the more I let go and think F it, the better ha. I could go on all night about anxiety as it's something I've always had, and probably a lot of others on here to :) good luck lovely keep me updated Xxx

  • I love the attitude of 'F it!'! Amazing :) Will do and thank you again :) xxx

  • Definitely recommend CBT for anxiety, not sure where abouts you are and whether they're nationwide but I used two services called LIFT psychology and connect psychology both of which have a huge range of courses and every single person I spoke to was brilliant.

    Also, it's had a lasting impact, I haven't had a relapse of low mood/anxiety since I had a one on one course about 5 months ago. Of course time will tell but it's all available for free and you can dip in and out of the services as you need.

  • Hi.

    What is CBT?? I'm interested as my daughter suffers with anxiety.


  • CBT is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I hadn't heard of it before, but think i will be trying it as I've heard it really helped a lot of people



  • Ok. Thanks for the reply.


  • I am a worrier myself. Try Inositol (vitamin B) and Magnesium chloride.

    I used to have problems with anxiety and depression. At first I had used Choline and Inositol combined (both vit B), now I use only Inositol and Metafolin (active form of Folic acid, B9) for mild depression, and sometimes vit B6. And always vit D (5000IU).

    Give it at least two months, but if you body badly needs them you will feel the difference right away. And make sure you don't skip breakfast, because glucose fluctuation can also make you anxious.

    Hope this helps.


  • Oh right thank you, will look into those :)

    Thanks :)


  • Thanks so much for this post - I have suffered from anxiety for many years now and have found recently that exercise has helped massively. Like you I have always been a worrier and very sensitive to how I am feeling. Hinesm has given amazing advice and I too will look into CBT and also the supplements that endebegone mentioned.

    One thing I will say though is you're not alone... Anxiety is so common and so mistreated. It can consume you so stay strong. At my worst (2.5 years back) I wasn't sleeping and would have the most horrific panic attacks, worsened by the insomnia. I started seeing an acupuncturist and she helped me hugely - a big reason I believe being because for the first thirty mins of my session we would talk - it was like therapy.

    Here if you need to talk xxx

  • Hey,

    Thanks for your reply :) Its so nice knowing I'm not alone in all this - I'm fed up of waking up in a cold sweat worrying over something thats not in my control. I have heard acupuncture also helps with some endo treatments, so to hear it helps with anxiety too is something i will definitely look into.

    Thank you again :)


  • Hi Ladies,

    Since posting this I've been doing a little bit of research - it turns out that anxiety is a really really common side effect of the pill that I'm on! I am taking Desomono (which is the sister brand to Cerazette), and so many people have said it gave them anxiety attacks and depression!!

    Booking into the doctors next week to switch pills!!

    Hope your all ok

    Emma Xx

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