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Struggling to recover from surgery

Hello all :) I wondered if you can give me some advice?

I had my first lap 19 days ago. They found stage 4 endo (lots of adhesions between uterus, bladder and bowel), fibroids and a cyst on my ovary. I've been off work and resting every day since, have been taking really good care of myself with a healthy endo friendly diet and have painkillers (amitryptaline, codeine and naproxen) to help with the pain but I'm still really struggling. Is this normal? I'm unable to do anything and find just walking to the bathroom exhausting. I had my first period last week and it was incredibly painful. It's over now but today I woke up with very bad ovary pain and nausea.

I was dealing with a lot of pain and exhaustion before the lap so I wondered if it was because I went in unhealthy. They did do some work on the adhesions in surgery but I was told the endo was too bad to do more work on and I'd need hormone therapy and another operation.

Has anyone else struggled to recover from the laparoscopy?


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Give yourself time to recover it totally depends how much they did inside. Even just looking around inside and having anaesthetic can leave you drained for a few days. If you're starting to feel worse, pain around your incisions etc see your gp just in case of infection. I had an infection after my lap, took two lots of antibiotics to clear it up and a good 5/6 weeks to feel like I could start being as active as I was previously. Good luck hope you feel better soon.


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