So yesterday I had a keyhole total hysterectomy (apart from one ovary). And I'm home.

According to the surgeon everything went well, they looked around inside for any more endo but think they've got it all. Let's hope so.

Lack of sleep has screwed me up but luckily I'm comfortable and minimal pain. I'll let you know how recovery is. I'm frustrated already so not sure how I'll cope with this. I'm normally very active. However I better listen and stay off my feet for a bit.

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Sorry for not knowing much, but I've read this before. What's the benefit of keeping the one ovary in?

I hope you feel better soon! Not sure how it works for this surgery but I read elsewhere that moving around a little bit helps to prevent adhesions?

Keeping one ovary stops me going though menopause and seeing as I'm so young this would be bad. Taking HRT would give me brittle bones now.

Yes moving is good, a little bit. The pain is not too bad at all.

Hi, I had mine on Thursday, also one ovary left and fingers crossed all endo join! lack of sleep is getting to me, I just can't get comfy! I am really suffering from gas pain, the usual peppermint tea, windeze etc don't seem to be shifting it! Hope you continue to heal well, keep me updated on your progress!

I've woken this morning with less gas pain and I really hope you have too! I'm awake but haven't yet moved as such so will see how that goes soon! Best of luck

The gas is starting to shift a bit which is good! Have been up for a few hours so may go back to bed soon, feel shattered! Xx

Even leaving an ovary doesn't necessarily stop menopause as body can go into shock. HRT should prevent brittle bones not cause them. Get referred to a menopause clinic as they are the experts.

I was 43 when I had my hyster and both ovaries out and went into menopause straight away. Am on Kliovance hrt which is combined one and recommended by endo specialist at meno clinic.

Your body won't let you do much after such major surgery 😊 I found I couldn't do much at all. But do rest rest and rest and don't lift anything heavy. Little walks are good but don't do too much too soon. Take a look at hysterectomy associations website as lots of useful info including a recovery guide which gives exercises to do now and slowly build up from.

Rest well and good luck.

Well today has been good. Very good. Got chaufered around and managed a walk around the local garden centre.

Went home thinking I'd be tired with no afternoon nap and only three days post surgery. Nope, I feel great. No lie down, no painkillers, nothing.

I'm being good, not lifting, not driving but I honestly feel great. Very minimal pain.

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