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Looming hysterectomy

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Hey ladies,I hope you are well! I'm 45 and I have received the date for my total hysterectomy with conservation of my ovaries, in 3 weeks time! I have endometriosis an enlarged uterus due to possible adenomyosis and/or fibroids! My question is to those who have had this done ! I'm worried about the possibility of a prolapse of pelvic organs over the coming years and wonder has this affected you and how and also wether it's best to have the cervix removed or left in place,does this make any difference? Also how has this operation affected you sex life! Any help is appreciated as I'm driving myself mad worrying about the consequences of this op and if I should actually have it! Thanks ladies! Much love x

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Hi. I’m only 6 weeks post hysterectomy with removal of ovaries, so I can’t answer some of your questions. For me, so far, it has been a huge relief and I already feel more comfortable after the op than before. A lot less pelvic pain, no more back aches or migraines. They excised all of the Endo at the same time.

My surgeon recommended the removal of my cervix to lessen cancer risk as he said the cervix was not needed. He did say it made the surgery a bit more tricky and needed an experienced surgeon. I trusted him so went ahead with the removal, but I know other women on here have recommended to keep it. I also approved of not having any more smear tests!

The have you spoken to your surgeon already? They will explain how they plan on avoiding prolapse and what will be done if you have any issues. It was all quite reassuring for me. Good luck with it all.

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Thank you so much for replying,that is reassuring to hear,it's all happened quite quickly for me ,I have suffered for years but only found all this out in the last 4 months ,which was when I had a diagnostic lap...so the quick appointment for the hysterectomy has caught me on the hop I think! The gynae didn't explain much about what will happen after the op but I have my pre op assessment on Thursday so I will be asking some questions then! I am also having endometriosis removed at the same time and suffer migraines too,so hope it will help that! Thank you and I wish you a speedy recovery! Xx

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No worries. I am 41, suffering since I was 15 and only diagnosed in October. I had a lap 4 weeks after diagnosis and then the hysterectomy and excision surgery in December. Quite a rollercoaster!

You need to speak to your surgeon, but my doctor said the only way to likely get rid of the symptoms you had to remove the ovaries as they will continue any cells left in your body. It is a huge decision and may not be right for you, but thought it was worth raising before you speak to your surgeon.

Good luck with everything and feel free to get in touch if you have any queries.

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Thank you for that! The surgeon did say in my case he recommended keeping the ovaries but removing the fallopian tubes,I know that endometriosis can still grow but being nearly 46...I probably won't have too many more years before menopause anyway! I will be asking many more questions....thanks again Chloe! Xx

Hi Belle17! I'm 3+ half months post hysterectomy and I've not felt this good in years,I'm so glad I went ahead with the op! I had my cervix removed,I was just like you before,really unsure about it! I spoke to a good nurse at my endometriosis clinic before hand and the surgeon, they both said it is more common to have it removed these days and that it shouldn't make any difference to sex or anything else,also it takes away the risk for cervical cancer so I decided to go ahead! I kept my ovaries on the advise of the surgeon but fallopion tubes were removed! As long as you do as you are told after the operation and I mean everything you are told,don't lift anything more than a mug full of water in a kettle for the 1st 6 weeks,and then after that be really careful and introduce things slowly. You won't be able to do much apart from having a wander to the loo for the 1st couple of weeks anyhow! Let family and friends look after you,it's really important! I did as I was told and I was able to go back to work a week ago ( I'm a change over cleaner) I'm just taking it slow to make sure I don't go to far to soon! I've had my follow up and everything has healed really well! You need to remember to do your pelvic floor exercises when you are told it's safe to start them....and then you need to keep those up everyday for rest of life really( ask surgeon or nurse about them after your op,so you know when it's safe to do them). As for my sex life ,it's better than before,no pain from the fibroids in the womb or endometriosis that was also removed (he even said it's tighter in there haha) I didn't have my ovaries removed so how much that will affect sex life I don't know,you will have to ask questions about that,but the cervix being removed hasn't affected me whatsoever in that respect! Sorry for the long post,I wanted to try and tell you as much as I can! I hope it helps! Good luck,hope all goes well for you! Feel free to message me anytime if I can help anymore! Much love xx

Your welcome! I was a bit of a wreck before mine too! You will need to rope in whoever you can to help you,my hubby took the first 2 weeks off with me.....I hope it's possible for you to have some help like that. You do need to be really careful! Freinds, family,in-laws....even neighbors if you have a good relationship with them! I wish you lots of luck! Message anytime,let me know how you get on! 😊

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