Anyone experiencing leg pain??

I regularly suffer from deep leg pain that feels like its coming from the bones in the top half of my legs. It's a very full ache that makes your fidgety and unable to get comfortable in any position. I have also had a numb area of skin on my upper thigh for as long as I can remember. Anyone know what these might be?? All thoughts welcome please!

Grace x

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  • i have always had leg pains down to my knees always achy but i do get shooting pains as well. I did used to get numbness on my right leg from hip round like a band to top inside of my thigh. This was prior to being diagnosed with endo. I went to a sports physio at doctors request and the physio said he thought it was my sciatic nerve being trapped and this caused the numbness on my right thigh. I suffer from numbness in my heals though and in my left arm and pinky finger and ring finger no idea why though. Ive started taking a Vit B complex supplement and i have to say the numbness isnt as strong in my arm. I posted a questions about numbness and was told to try it. xx

  • Thank you for your reply Alex :) I will look into that xx

  • Hope you get something sorted xx

  • I've always had awful spiralling leg pain during my period. It goes right down both legs to my feet and even the soles of my feet hurt. I assumed it was because I have a retroverted uterus and so it lies on my spine. I had a brief break from this pain after my last lap

    However, I am now getting it more and more even though I have the mirena so I wonder if it is the endo pressing on a nerve somewhere. Does yours seem to fit in with your cycle at all?

    I've also heard that magnesium can help with this sort of thing, might be worth trying alongside the Vit B and what about iron supplements? If you are bleeding heavily then you could be anaemic. I used to take SpaTone which is a gentle way to supplement iron.

  • Gracious, I've been getting this since my lap a month ago. It's always the right thigh and the doctor told me last week he doesn't know what it is or what to do! X

  • Hey. I have always had leg pains for as long as I can remember. I got told it was related to scar tissue from a different disease but now I'm not sure. Mine aches so much I can't sleep or walk and I just cry at times.feels like I can never keep them still! Have you asked your doctor / consultant? X

  • Absolutely, would quite happily gnaw my right leg off if I could!! It's a dull, chronic pain that doesn't quit. The only thing that works for me is codeine...but that of course causes other issues if you take too much and I never know if it exaserbates it long term.

    My GP also thinks it's endo or something pressing on the sciatic nerve. x

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