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Crappy day - anyone else have these symptoms ?

Sup guysss

Today's been pretty crap and I feel the same way.

Just wanted to ask - symptoms are starting to really get me down. I find it really hard to describe so I want to see if anyone else is in the same boat;

Constant dull ache on the lower abdomen. Gets worse a week before I'm due, during period and then worsens until ovulation. I literally can't poop. It's not that I can't go it's that it's absolute agony if I try. If I do go it doesn't relieve the pain, but trying to go is almost like a death wish pain wise. I get seriously bad bloating randomly. My stomach will expand (lower abdomen womb area) and can't touch or move it it's so painful. Nothing relieves it - just have to wait.

Sex I painful almost everytime now. Im getting scared to do it but i just bite my tongue. I don't want my marriage to fall apart. Can be absolute agony sometimes tho so I have to say pls stop😂.

Pain can sometimes radiate to my hips and around to my lower back which is shit - can't move alot lol.

I've been referred to gynae but I'm so scared they're guna be like lol nah just ibs. I know it isnt. It's getting worse and I just can't take it anymore

Thanks for reading


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I'm also in some form of pain throughout my wholeeeee cycle, when I'm due on or on it's agony. I'm in a long distance relationship and I saw him the other day for a few hours and I just couldn't walk about, or so anything uhhhh intimate 😂 first time with him it's happened I was so embarrassed! So I know how that feels 🙈

My doctors always told me it was ibs, my first gyae told me I was too young and the pains made up, they finally did a lap last year and it turns out I'm stage 4 endo 😂 cheers for that doc

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Nicolarose, you pretty much described my month. I may have a week that's okay, but the week of PMS is like satan's been unleashed in me, the actual period is chock full of major cramps and, yeah, trying to go to the bathroom is like inviting someone to stick hot knives in your gut and twist, and then, the week after, there's a constant low ache that, while being dull, is also REALLY painful.

And then it starts all over again. 😃

I've only been told recently that I *may* have Endo... they want to wait for a few months while having me on a strong birth control before going to surgery to confirm... meanwhile, I'm just cycling through this lovely pain game.

My husband and I have had sex three times since the New Year. We're still fairly new to being married. Our relationship is still quite hot. And we just don't have sex anymore because I almost always just can't.

He's a Saint.

The lower back pain is INTENSE. I even went to an orthopaedic specialist recently to see if my back had gotten dramatically worse (I have scoliosis that hasn't changed since I was a teenager). Back's fine. It hasn't changed.

I'm simultaneously eager for the surgery to diagnose it and scared. What if they don't find anything? What if they do and it's bad? There doesn't seem to be any cure for this or way to make it permanently go away. That's a bit scary because this SUCKS.

I'd say, if I've learned anything thus far, it's that we have to be persistent about getting the medical help we need.

Oh, and, creepy fun fact I've learned: apparently the reason it hurts so much after your period - you are, essentially, bleeding internally once a month and there is nowhere for that blood to go so it just sits in your pelvic cavity and causes extreme inflammation and irritation. It takes about a week for your body to reabsorb the blood, hence why the week after our periods suck.

Don't quote me on this though. I am not medically certified. This is just from the online research I've been doing to try and understand why my body has been betraying me so much. 😉


I was told by a specialist I saw inadvertently that if it's mainly/only during your period that the painful poops occur and if you are having painful sex as well, then it's likely that you have what's called DIE (Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis). He said if you can find your trigger point inside and describe those exact symptoms for the consultant you see, then they have virtually no choice but to diagnose that. It means that the endo is most likely found on your bowel, which is why it's so painful.

He also told me to totally stop having sex. It sounds horrible, but it makes life so much better. What happens is you get into a cycle of painful sex --> dreading sex because it's painful --> sex being more painful because you don't want it. His exact words to me were, "if you've got one of the good guys, and it sounds like you have because they've stuck around this long, then they will take anything you can give them. Sex doesn't have to be penetrative every time and they will understand this. They won't want to be causing you pain and would rather have pain-free any-kind-they-can-get sex than penetrative sex that makes you wince."

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The biggest stress is not being able to have sex - ruin my marriage. We've literally just got married and I drop this bomb 😂😂thank you so much x


It's ok - I totally get that bit! It's something I've struggled with the past 9 months since I was advised this.

I have to remind myself most days that they'll take what they can get & if they're any kind of decent guy then they'd rather not put you in pain. We put a pressure on ourselves to have sex so that they're not missing out, even though it will hurt us.

It's better not to get in that vicious cycle of worrying about pain-getting more pain than it is to try it every now and then when there's the chance it could hurt. And you never know - once they've managed to sort the endo out a bit, the pain might go away again. We can dream!! 😅


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